Best 5 Wing Wine Openers

All wine enthusiast believe that it has some particular health benefit over other alcoholic beverage.

This fairytale about wine proved as the truth in a study by Gerald Fuller, Ph.D., a biochemist at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He said that “If you drink alcohol, beer, or wine in moderation, it probably does have a reasonably healthy effect.” (Source: WebMD)

Best Wing Wine Openers

You may wait longer for the cold by sitting on a hot summer day, but it’s hard to control yourself from enjoying a glass of wine after hearing the heart-healthy benefits. Moreover, if you have the best-winged corkscrew with you, nothing can stop you from tasting a peg of wine.

Why Choose a Wing Wine Opener?

If you open the drawer marked “miscellaneous” in any kitchen in America, you’ll likely to find one of these butterfly corkscrews. It escalates us a step forward in terms of ease of use. By adding in an additional lever, this type of wine opener gives you one on each side — “the wings.” Because of its ease-of-use and beautiful design, it becomes so popular among wine lover, and you may choose one too.

How to Use a Winged Corkscrew to Open a Bottle of Wine

The course of opening a bottle of wine with winged corkscrew explained beautifully on the Cooks Illustrated. Here we quoted their process in brief to improve your learning curve.

  • First, Place the bottle on a table or flat surface to use a winged corkscrew.
  • Then remove the foil to expose the cork. If the bottle doesn’t have a pull-tab that allows you to remove the top of the capsule (foil covering), you can do this by using a dedicated foil cutter to trim around the perimeter of the foil right above the lip on the bottleneck.
  • Then, lift the wings slightly so that you can grasp the base of the corkscrew with your reserved hand.
  • Place the base on the top of the bottleneck and hold it and the bottleneck.
  • Center the tip of the worm in the middle of the cork with your dominant hand and twist the handle clockwise (for most models) until the screw wholly embedded in the cork and the wings of the model raised in a V-for-Victory shape.
  • Use both hands to press down on the wings, driving the cork up and out of the bottle.
  • To remove the cork from the corkscrew, grasp the cork with your left hand and twist counterclockwise until the worm exits.

Summary of Winged Corkscrew

  • Most Popular & affordable
  • Effortless and easy to use
  • Ideal for beginner’s wine opener
  • Usually, build with sturdy materials
  • Not recommended for aged wine
  • Less portable than Waiter’s Friend and Screw pull corkscrews
  • Habitually, no foil cutter included with it

There are many brands and types of waiter corkscrews available on the market. From which we sort out 5 Best Wing Wine Opener for your assistance. Let’s check out those as below –

Comparison of 5 Top Waiter Corkscrew:

Build MaterialsPremium zinc alloyFinest quality metal and plastic100% Lead-Free Zinc AlloyBright chrome finish with nickel-plated steel wormZinc alloy body and stainless steel corkscrew
Ergonomic HandleYesYesYesYesYes
Weight ounces4.
Warranty12-month satisfaction guaranteeLifetime GuaranteeLifetime “Unstuck” Guarantee1 Year GuaranteeLifetime Warranty

Best Wing Corkscrew Reviews:

Best Value Wine Opener – IPOW WS01 Wing Corkscrew Multifunctional Wine Cork and Beer Cap Bottles Opener Remover

IPOW WS01 Wing Corkscrew

Usually, we observed two common eventualities to remove a cork from the wine bottle – most people use guerrilla tactics or third-grade wine opener to open their favorite wine bottle. As a result, either the bottle gets chips, or you have to compromise the taste of wine.

IPOW corkscrew’s perfectly polished exterior made of premium quality zinc alloy that ensures maximum durability for regular use and corrosion resistance. In addition to its beautiful finish, the non-slip butterfly style wings will also save your strength allowing you to remove the cork easily from a favorite wine bottle.

Performance and Technical Issues:

High strength and hardness

You can use IPOW WS01 multifunctional wine opener at home or restaurant or party as its made of high-quality zinc alloy. Zinc-alloy is responsible for high-strength and hardness along with high-quality finishing characteristics; it is low-cost too which makes IPOW affordable to us.

Easy to use

Place the corkscrew on the bottle’s neck, spin the top clockwise, the wings gradually rise upward and when creating a complete v shape press the non-slip levers gently downwards. That is it. Cork will be removed from the bottle, and you can enjoy your intended wine without any breaks or chips of the bottle and crumbling the corks. The lever principle applied saves your strength to open the wine quickly.

Ergonomic Non-slip Handle

The wings or handles of IPOW designed ergonomically to give you maximum leverage during press it downwards while uncorking. You can do this procedure without any risk due to its non-slip grip.

Sharp Worm Screw

IPOW WS01 wine corkscrew equipped with a sharp narrow and sturdy screw which allows it to go through the cork like a hot knife thru butter.


Those who love hard drinks, it is likely that they also taste the beer. Opening a beer bottle also needs some tricks as like wine. However, if you have an IPOW wing corkscrew wine opener, you no need to tense about this anymore.

Key Differences IPOW WS01 Wing Corkscrew from Other Items in This Category

If we compare this winged corkscrew with a rabbit corkscrew, then both are a bit hefty in size and not comfortable to carry. However, we compare with a waiter’s corkscrew, IPOW winged corkscrew is a bit easier to use and no need any previous training I think.

  • Beautiful Silver/Black Finish
  • Sturdy and simple to use
  • Multifunctional
  • The sturdy and sharp worm
  • Ergonomically designed handles provide significant leverage
  • affordable
  • Excellent Wine Opener, but feels a bit of flimsy
  • The wings are a bit weak
  • Bulky but light in weight

Recommended or Not. Why?

It is a fact that every mechanical device can be in trouble today or tomorrow. So, it’s not a matter of concern. However, after purchasing a product, if it fails to do the job, and then you do not get any customer support from the seller, is not expected at any rate.

However, this will not happen in the case of IPOW. If you go through customer reviews, many of them say they receive excellent customer service once they get into trouble.

IPOW wing corkscrew enjoys a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, and 24-hour helpful customer service will surely work out all your issues. So, get a simple, easy and affordable corkscrew you might keep it in your consideration.

Best Brand Wing Corkscrew – Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup

HiCoup - All-in-one Corkscrew

HiCoup is a family owned small company established in 2014 in Ontario, with the commitment to provide the best wine accessories and kitchenware products to its customer. Part of their continuous innovation and improvement they introduced Hicoup wing corkscrew which offers ease of use with the large, three inches long handle. This unique feature that the more extended body design allows the worm to go far into the cork and can remove any size cork quickly.

Combination of great functionality with world class customer service makes Hicoup the best brand in the wine accessories and kitchenware industry.

Stay with us and scroll down to find out more about this beautiful best Butterfly Corkscrew brand.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Sturdy and elegant design

The look tells about its quality. Yes! Hicoup’s comes with a classic design that feels substantial on hand and attracts the most people. It’s looks made of stainless steel which is covered with black plastic or Bakelite, which makes it durable and gives an outstanding look.

Extra-long Ergonomic Handle

The unique feature that responsible for its popularity and ease of use is its long ergonomically designed handle. Yes! Hicoup wing corkscrew designed with a three inches long handle will provide you extra leverage when need to use a little more effort to extract a stubborn cork. Long, broad wings mean you can open any cork quickly and efficiently by applying minimal force too.

Bottom Collar

Hicoup corkscrew comes with a longer body and a beautiful black finish collar at the end that helps you to smoothly place the corkscrew on the neck of any size wine bottle. This collar will also protect the screw from entering into the cork deep enough and breaks the cork.

Non-stick Helix Worm

Hicoup’s comes with a coated wire screw that glides through the cork without any friction. Its genuine helix worm allows you to uncork any size cork with ease. It also equipped with a stopper that prevents the cork from being broken by the screw.

Versatile Operation

Besides extracting the cork from the wine bottle, Hicoup wine corkscrew also allow you to open any beer bottle as its handle equipped with a great bottle opener. If you are a moderate drinker who cannot finish a bottle of wine in a day, the included wine stopper will not let your wine go to waste.

However, it has not included any foil cutter though it is a standard feature for every winged corkscrew available on the market.

Excellent Customer Service

As an emerging company, Hicoup always stands behind its customer and offer a lifetime guaranty. If you buy a genuine product, you will get them to any problem at any time you required. If you don’t like their product, they will return your money without asking any question.

Packed in a Beautiful Box

It comes with a lovely packed box consisting of recycled materials and ink. The gift box looks beautiful, and it is the absolute delight to receive and give to every wine lover, making it the perfect gift idea.

Key differences Wing Corkscrew by HiCoup from other items in this category

Extra-large body design with a non-stick worm that quickly melts into any cork is Hicoup’s unique feature. Besides supplying quality products, Hicoup also ensures maximum customer satisfaction. All these attributes help Hicoup to win consumer’s hearts and make it one of the best kitchen appliances brands.

  • Sturdy and elegant design
  • Ergonomically engineered comfortable handles (3-inches)
  • Low-friction (non-stick) screw
  • Well-made stopper protects unused wine
  • Easy to use design
  • Dishwasher-safe corkscrew
  • Lifetime customer guarantee
  • The worm screw is a little bit fat that may chew the cork
  • The black plastic part of the screw is a bit wobbly

Recommended or Not. Why?

Many people never make a mistake at a time. Hicoup Wing Corkscrew wine opener received over 2,000 customer feedback with 80 percent positive. Although it has some minor limitations, those are not tough to eliminate with excellent customer support. You can, therefore, rely on it and decide accordingly.

Best Heavy-Duty Wine Opener – Bellemain Premium Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

Bellemain Premium Wing Corkscrew

Whether it’s a bottle of red, white or rose wine, this heavy-duty manual cork extractor makes opening wine a doddle. The traditional winged corkscrew required 50-100 pounds of force to pop open a bottle of wine whereas Bellemain premium wing corkscrew offers you unique hand-friendly grips and butterfly design to quickly open corked wine bottles, even for men or women who have arthritis with weak hands or poor grip.

Scroll down to know more on this spectacular Bellemain Winged Corkscrew which is an old soul in a young game.

Performance and Technical Issues:


The Bellemain Heavy-Duty Corkscrew will exceed the highest expectations, regardless of whether the wine lover is on your gift list or in your own home. High-quality magnitude and durability followed by ergonomic features that practically do the work for you.

Bellemain used 100% lead-free zinc alloy to ensure superior strength and corrosion resistivity than any other traditional die-cast or metal. Having a Bellemain means enjoying lifetime wine.

Clean Cork Extraction

A corkscrew is good or bad depends on how smoothly and cleanly it can remove a cork. Bellemain addressed it correctly and designed its spiral worm with a triple-treated non-stick coat. You can insert the helix worm into any cork even if it is stubborn without damage or crumbling it.

Ergonomic Easy-Grip Handle

Think you have arthritis and someone asks you to pull a 50 kg weight. What an agony? Ha! Yes! If you want to uncork your wine bottle with the waiter’s corkscrew, you must have to apply that much force. However, No need to worry. The hand-friendly grips of Bellemain shaped such a way that ensures painless uncorking, the dual-levered structure of the butterfly also makes the opening unbelievably simple and easy.

Elegant Looks

The graceful and curved lines of the Bellemain Heavy-Duty Corkscrew highlighted by a chrome finish with a mirror looking at the bar right at home.

Lifetime ‘Unstuck’ Guaranty

The quality of the Heavy-Duty Corkscrew from Bellemain is so outstanding that it guarantees you a lifetime of full replacement promise to your satisfaction.

Key differences Bellemain Premium Wing Corkscrew from other items in this category

If we compare our previous two brand corkscrew, then we may notice that the triple-treated spiral screw is the unique feature of this Bellemain. Moreover, it uses 100 percent lead-free Zinc Alloy which gives it added durability, and dual-lever butterfly structure makes it easy to pull.

  • Stylish, Timeless Design with Mirror Finish
  • A classic and contemporary look
  • Triple treated screw – cork free wine
  • Wire helix – effortless cork removal
  • Hefty and strong
  • Sits up on countertop nicely
  • There is no option for opening a beer bottle
  • It’s a bit of hard to twist the screw due to the short depth
  • Ridiculously heavy weight and big size

Recommended or Not. Why?

If we go through the reviews of Bellemain Premium Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener, we see that it received both negative and positive feedbacks. However, the percentage of positive feedback is on the higher side and it about 90%. Based on this statistic and our analysis we can say that it is a useful tool to remove corks from wine bottles. Now, it is your turn to decide.

Best Corkscrew Made In Italy – Fantes Wing Corkscrew

Fantes Wing Corkscrew

Fantes Cousin Laura is a well-known brand of Italian kitchenware and wine accessories. We all know how popular the kitchen items in homes like a bread loaf slicer. People who enjoy drinking wine are also often on the prowl for the best corkscrews and if that’s from the same known brand as Fante’s is a plus for them.

We are here today to talk on the best-winged corkscrew made by Ghidini, Europe’s premier wine corkscrew manufacturer. Fante’s, for instance, is a beautiful product that delivers professional results.

Please, scroll down to know more technical features on this beautiful Italian wine bottle opener.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Simple to use

As like our other wing corkscrews Fantes Wing Corkscrew also can remove wine stopper from wine bottles quickly and efficiently, regardless of fresh or professional to open a wine bottle. Fantes also allow you to open any bottles that use cork as closure, like olive oils, soya sauce, or vinegar.

Classical Looks

The Fante’s have originated in the Italian market since 1906. If you look at the design, at the time it was initiated, you will find that traditional flavor. The durable nickel-plated steel worm with chrome body function enhances its panache one cut above the rest.

Compact Design

It measures 6.75-inches long and 2.5-inches wide which slightly big to carry on your pocket, but you can easily store it in your kitchen utensil drawers.

Extra-long Screw

The Fante’s wing corkscrew made by Ghidini, Italy, is the best corkscrew manufacturer in Europe. It brings the Fantes wine opener with an extra-long 5-turn ‘ worm ‘ or screws meaning less battling to uncork the wine bottle. The nickel-plated steel worm is plus to remove any cork, even if it is stubborn.

2-in-1 tools

As a bonus advantage, Fantes comes with a built-in bottle opener. It allows you to open any beverage or soda or beer bottle cap with ease and without adding an extra utensil in your kitchen.

Key differences Fantes Wing Corkscrew from other items in this category

The nature of worm/screw is similar like Hicoup – extra-large that need five turns screwing any cork. Other features are as usual, except the nickel-plated steel worm with chrome body finishing, which makes it gorgeous looking.

  • Decent and stylish looks
  • Long screw for easy removal of any size cork
  • Round bottom for perfect sitting on the neck
  • Affordable
  • Made in Italy
  • Required some carefulness while removing the cork from bottle without damage
  • Works well but is quite lightweight and flimsy.

Tips: Wipe with a clean wet cloth instead of using the dishwasher for long-lasting performance.

Recommended or Not. Why?

This Fante’s wing corkscrew is very basic and functional. The most uncomplicated products are the best. They serve their function. One more thing I like to bring forward that is the tip of the worm is partially exposed which makes the task easier to align the tip on the cork. Moreover, you will get a traditional old style flavor on it. If you love classical design, then you may go for it.

Best Value for Money – Foho Best Wing Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Luxury Waiter Corkscrew

Foho Wing Corkscrew

The days were gone when people had to wrestle with wine to open their corks. The development of high-quality corkscrews such as Foho Best Wing Corkscrew made the process easier. Thanks to its soft-touch panels on the wings end, which facilitate secure and comfortable grip, allowing you to open as many as possible without having experienced any muscle strain. Zinc alloy body and stainless steel worm provide extra flexibility and durability that makes the Foho best choice among wine connoisseurs.

If you want an expensive taste of wine, this will turn every opening into a celebration. Let’s check out more features of this beautiful product below.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Elegant Look with Superior Quality

Don’t let the price fool you, Foho is using high-quality, durable material to build its best wine opener. Yes! This easy-to-wash Foho wine bottle opener made of Zinc alloy and high-strength stainless steel constructs the corkscrew–combining both makes it a super flexible and durable must-have wine accessory. Its reflective chrome finish gives it an elegant look and makes it presentable in front of your guests.

Open Cork without experience any strain

The ergonomically designed and covered with reinforced rubber grip makes the FOHO corkscrew’s wings super easy-to-open a cork within a second and without any muscle pain experience.

Dual function in one device

Foho comes with a bottle opener top of its corkscrew handle which makes it a multipurpose tool. You can open a soda or beer bottle with it without buying a new kitchen device.

Taste always fresh wine

No more wastage of your favorite wine. Now you can enjoy sweet wine even after removing the cork. Yes! The Foho corkscrew comes with a charming chrome plated bottle stopper which prolongs the life of your wine, lock it to the great taste and prevent any unnecessary spillages.

Easy to fit at your kitchen drawer

7.6-inch long and 2.5-inch width Foho wine bottle opener is a compact device that you can easily store in your kitchen drawer. The round bottom of this beautiful wing corkscrew will also be an ideal showpiece for your kitchen countertop.

Friendly Customer Service

You will be surprised to know that Foho offers a lifetime warranty for its luxury wine bottle opener. They also provide a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you face any problem, you call them, and they will refund or return your product.

Wonderful Packaging

Last but not least, their style of packaging is just fantastic. You can present it any of your friends or dearest one or use it as an occasional gift item too.

Key differences Foho Wing Corkscrew from other items in this category

Like the other four products we reviewed here, the Foho wing corkscrew is as usual. It’s easy to use, made of durable materials, beautiful looking and everything else. Additionally, one thing I can say about it, you can use it as an ideal wine gear for restaurant, bar, or household use for a special dinner or just a casual drink.

  • Includes chrome plated bottle stopper
  • Soft panels on wing ends
  • Constructed of zinc alloy and stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty and 100% buyer satisfaction
  • Decent build
  • Very thick corkscrew
  • The bottle stopper is quite small that doesn’t fit in all bottles
  • Requires remarkable elbow strength to get the cork in

Recommended or Not. Why?

If you are looking for something cheap enough but not scarifies its quality – probably the name Foho Best Wing Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener come first on your list. Top of that the risk-free lifetime warranty, positive customer feedback, and durable construction all indicate it’s a right choice. Now, it is your turn to decide.

Buyer’s Guide

Winged corkscrew is probably the most famous wine opener because of its super affordability and especially for ease of use. This type of wine opener has an additional arm which gives you one on each side — “the wings” means extra leverage during uncorking — no more wrestling before enjoying a glass of wine after an exhausting day.

A wing wine opener is not only easy to use; it also looks decent and defines your sense of fashion while serving a glass of wine to your guest. So, choosing a wine opener demand some care.

So, to enjoy your favorite wine without any additional hassle, it is crucial to select the right tools according to your needs, which may not always be an easy task. We write this buying guide for that, which may enlighten you about the wing corkscrew checklist.

The best Multifunctional Wine System

The best Advanced Wine Opening System

An outstanding representative of the best wine openers is Coravin Advanced Wine Bottle Opener. It stands out among other corkscrews due to its multifunctionality. The idea is that thanks to Coravin, you can drink your best wine as long as you want, keeping it right in the wine bottle. So, with Coravin, you can get you could expect from the perfect wine opener and even more. The point is that it is the Multifunctional and Advanced Wine Preservation System of the top quality. Explore all the Coravin benefits, and maybe it will be the last corkscrew you ever buy.

What Wine Opener Should Have and Do

Has A Screw That’s Long Enough

Different kind of wine bottle comes with different size of cork. So, you have to choose a wine opener which equipped with a bit longer screw, so that is capable of opening any size even it is more than 1.75 inch or 4.5 cm long.

Expel The Cork With Minimal Or Zero Shake

There is some sedimentation deposited at the bottom of the wine bottle. Excessive shaking may dilute those and reduce the taste of wine. So, you have to choose a wine opener which will not create any jerk while extracting the cork. Wing corkscrew designed in such a way that it can serve you wine without shaking.

How Much Strength Does It Demand To Get The Cork Out

Some corkscrew required substantial force to open a cork like a screw pull corkscrew. So, if you have a muscle problem, then you have to check carefully how much strength needed to uncork with your wine opener. Excess pressure can also imbalance your hand, which can damage your favorite wine bottle or left stubborn cork. Waiter’s friend and Wing cork screws require minimal poundage to expel any cork from the wine bottle.

What’s the ideal worm shape?

There are two kinds of worm seen to use in a corkscrew – spiral, and auger. The helical/spiral screw is more useful to open any natural or synthetic, old or new cork smoothly. Whereas, auger type screw only suitable for new cork.

Gets The Job Done Safely

The most important function your wine opener should have is to allow you to open your favorite wine bottle safely means your wine opener should not smash, crack, or chips the bottle, or even cut your fingers.

While choosing a wine opener, on what needs to pay attention?


Check whether your wine opener made of sturdy materials or not. A lot of counterfeit wine opener use cheap materials to construct their winged corkscrew and offer the lowest price. So, be careful about those.

Do you host a lot of parties

If you are a wine lover and through the party in the regular interval at your home or party place then you need a heavy-duty and easy to handle corkscrew. So, keep it in mind while choosing your device.

Space Saving

If you stay in New York City, you may quickly notice how much precious space is in your kitchen drawer. If the thing same to you, then you must choose a wine bottle opener which is compact in size.

How Old Is Your Wine

The likelihood is that their corks are old and therefore more likely to crumble if you have an old collection of wine bottles. If so, we do not recommend wing corkscrew, but you can see a wine opener that uses a prong, such as a wine opener for Ah-So.

Where to buy a wine opener?

From our earlier discussion, you may realize how important to select and buy a decent wine opener. So, it is always better to buy your device from the authentic buyer or online shops like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.

Champagne stopper vs. wine stopper

A champagne stopper needs to keep the fizzes or bubbles in the bottle. Therefore, it needs a more secure airtight closure to intake the fizz inside the champagne bottle. On the other side, a wine stopper needs to keep the air out. It the wine stopper has facilities to pump out all oxygen, you will enjoy long life wine after uncorking.

So, a champagne stopper fastens on to the bottle sides to keep it from popping off in the fizz, and a wine stopper clamps inside the neck of the bottle make it either airtight or leak-proof to prevent spillage.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. Does it best for opening old age cork?

A. Typically, the wing type corkscrew comes with an auger type screw which is not suitable to open any old aged cork as it may scramble it. Few modern wing corkscrew comes with an advanced quality non-stick worm which is safer than old types to open any cork. You should check this before going to purchase.

Q. Does it come with a foil cutter?

A. Generally, wing corkscrew doesn’t come with any foil cutter. You can use a kitchen knife to remove foil or purchase it separately.

Q. How much muscle power required to operate it smoothly?

A. Wing corkscrew is the most easy-to-use type corkscrew and it getting popular because of this feature. So, you will not need much muscle power to remove a cork by using it. I’m not sure, but you need less than 50 pounds hand pressure to open a cork by using its wing type lever.

Wrap Up / Conclusion

Are you fond of traveling frequently and also a wine enthusiast, then you may want to carry a bottle of wine during your hiking in the woods or outdoor camping. And, you know, a camping knife is an essential outdoor gear among many other tools, plus as a wine lover, you also need to carry a wine bottle opener to enjoy a glass of wine under open sky full of stars. However, taking separate tools can increase your burden. Instead, you may think about multi-tools as a solution to that.

Yes! Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman offer knife, corkscrew, beer bottle opener, and many more tools in one umbrella. You can check this out.

Still, there are very few alternatives to the best-winged corkscrew for serving wine at your home minibar or small party. So choose your preferred one from the above list and enjoy the taste of delightful wine.

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