Best 5 Air Pressure Pump wine openers

Those who are wine enthusiasts are well-known about the effect of aging on wine’s aroma, color, mouthfeel, and taste. Wine’s ability to age further depends on a few factors such as grape variety, vintage, wine-making style, wine-making practices, a neighboring condition that wine stored after bottling, and bottle and cork. There is a saying that good old bottles are better than good old vintages. Further, quality of well-age old bottles depends primarily on the cork, which again influenced by growing conditions of cork oak, cork processing into stoppers, or molds growing on the cork itself.

Air pump wine openers

You may think that’s why we talked a lot about wine aging and cork. We’re trying to explain that it’s almost impossible to get the most elegant quality wine without a solid cork. Conversely, while enjoying a glass of wine, this cork will come between you and your favorite wine bottle, and if you don’t have the right tools to counter it, it will mess up everything.

You will find a variety of wine opener around you like waiter corkscrew, electric wine opener, rabbit or lever corkscrew, and so on. However, today we are here to discuss on Air Pressure Pump bottle opener which is a quick, easy way to open a wine bottle without bother of pulling and twisting, only pierce the needle, pump a few times, and the cork is out without leaving any crumble of cork or damaging bottle.

What Does Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener Mean?

The worm or helical screw replaced by a needle here. In this type of wine opener, a hollow needle injected in all through the cork and then pushed a small amount of CO2 from the cartridge which helps to pop out the cork from the bottle easily. Sometimes it is called as a ‘cork pops wine opener’ or ‘CO2 wine bottle opener’ because of this popup action.

Some other types of air pressure wine openers use the needle to insert atmospheric air through pumping action between the stopper gap and the wine which moves the cork away from the neck of the bottle. It is fast and follows no exertion method that makes it ideal for opening multiple bottles in a short space of time for party service or those who have arthritis.

How to use:

  1. Use the foil cutter to take out the foil cap.
  2. Inject the needle into the center of the bottle and ensure that the needle has passed through the entire cork. Also, make sure that the shielded tube is on the wine pump.
  3. Hold the bottle at the belly position tightly with your free hand.
  4. Press the opener with your right hand to pump air into the bottle by up and down the coat, until the cork slide out of the bottle. (Usually, 4 to 7 pumps per bottle required)
  5. Use the ring of the sleeve to push out the cork away from the corkscrews needle.

Why it’s great:

  • It saves time
  • It’s safer than traditional corkscrews
  • It does not crumble corks
  • It takes minimal effort to expel the cork
  • It’s easy to use


  • Don’t use on high durometer (hard) plastic cork
  • Don’t use on Champaign or sparkling wine or other pressurized bottles.
  • Please keep the device away from children’s reach, as the needle and clippers knife is very sharp.

There are many brands and types of air-pressure pump bottle opener available on the market. Find out the best air pressure wine opener from that pile is not an easy task.

We conduct thorough research on behalf of you and sort out 5 Best Air pressure Wine Opener for your assistance. Let’s check out those as below –

List and Comparison of 5 Top Cork Pops Wine Opener:

Product nameWine ZIZ Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle OpenerKato Wine Air Pressure Pump Opener setCork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle OpenerWine Bottle Opener Air Pressure Wine Cork Remover by XCSOURCECork Pops Original Wine Opener
Opener TypeManual PumpManual PumpCartridge typeManual PumpCartridge type
Included Foil CutterYesYesYesYesNo
Weight3.2 ounces10.4 ounces8.0 ounces12.0 ounces4.8 ounces

Pump Wine Opener Reviews:

1. Best Friend for Your Wine – Wine Ziz Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener

Ziz Wine Air Pressure Pump

Are you bored with the same twisting or pulling corkscrew? Want to change or test a new type of wine opener that serves your purpose smoothly. Then you have come to the right place. By using the Win Ziz Air pressure pump bottle opener, you can gently open your wine bottle without facing any problem with the traditional wine opener as it uses a needle instead of a screw. It is widely used for any type and size of wine bottles (excluding plastic corks), and there is no need for any fumes or gas to work with it.

Let’s check out more technical and performance parameters of this user-friendly wine opener.

Performance and technical issues:


Insert a sharp needle into the cork, pump the device a few times – that’s it. You hear a pop sound, the cork comes out from the bottle, and you can enjoy your glass of favorite wine. There is no botheration of screwing or twisting and then pulling with force the corkscrew anymore. So, Wine Ziz means hassle-free amusement of wine.

No Fumes, No Gas

Wine Ziz operated by a handheld manual pump which injecting fresh air to coerce the cork to come out. You won’t need to tense about the life of the cartridge as it doesn’t use any fumes or gas to create pressure inside the bottle. It’s also a cost-effective option.

Foil Cutter Included

The foil cutter is a prerequisite of opening a wine bottle as all come in seal condition. Wine Ziz includes a durable blade foil cutter with it which assists you to remove the foil effortlessly without sourcing a second option.

Sleek Design

Wine Ziz air pressure wine opener made of sturdy plastic materials with an elegant black color finish, which makes it an ideal tool for any bar, restaurant, or home uses. The smooth polish also makes it very easy to clean.

Extremely Portable and lightweight

3.2 ounces Wine Ziz is an ultra-light wine opener which easily fit into your bag or travel bag. Therefore, you can transport it wherever you go and use it whenever you need it.

Key Differences from Other Items in This Category

If you compare these tools with other wine openers like rabbit or lever corkscrew, you may find that Wine Ziz air pressure pump corkscrew is straightforward to use and compact in size. However, you couldn’t use this to open plastic or synthetic cork where rabbit corkscrew can open all types.

  • Most simple wine opener
  • Remove the cork from a wine bottle in a second
  • Sweet pop sound without pulling or twisting
  • No fumes or gas, so no need any CO2 cartridge
  • Compatible with all kinds of a wine bottle
  • Easy to clean
  • It unable to remove all types of cork
  • Made of the plastic body that makes the device less durable
  • Few customers complain that they need more pump than said to remove the cork

Recommended or Not. Why?

First, there is no doubt about its convenience of use. Then, if you go through Amazon’s customer reviews, you can easily find a lot of positive comments about this product. Yes, it has some drawbacks, but at the same time, the manufacturer offers no question asking money back guarantee, which easily outweighs the faults. So, almost all of the perspective is indeed a good quality air-pressure pump wine opener. Now, it’s your turn to either buy it or avoid it.

2. Best Air Pump Opener Set for Gift – Kato Wine Air Pressure Pump Opener set

Kato Needle Wine Bottle Cork Remover

Faced with problems like many other wine lovers – been stabbed while removing the cork, or breaking the bottles or ruining a delicious wine by allowing the cork to go into the bottle. Then it might feel like a dangerous endeavor to open wine bottles with a corkscrew, and you could perhaps say by yourself ‘what the hell am I doing?’

But no more terrible feelings, the Kato offers a set of all-in-one high-quality air pressure pump wine bottle opener that allows you to open bottles of any size easily. It’s easy to operate function makes it a perfect choice for any wine lover, novice, and connoisseur as well.

Scroll down to explore more on this fantastic Kato pump opener set.

Performance and technical issues:

Well Crafted

The two essential and most used parts of this kind of device is its handle and needle. Kato addresses it well and uses high-quality aluminum alloy to construct its handle. To prevent slippage while pumping, it applies the screw-thread design on its handlebar.

Kato made its needle with exhaust pinhole and uses 304 stainless steel coated with Teflon, which makes it durable and food grade safety.

Transparent plastic cover and slider allows you to place the needle at the center of the cork and observe the entire uncorking process.

High-Quality Wine Aerator

Improve your taste with Kato’s wine aerator. Kato designs its aerator chamber to allow more air intake through its ventilating hole and uses silicon that is safe for food.

Excellent Vacuum Stopper

If you are a moderate drinker and maintain standard peg every day, then you must admire the vacuum wine stopper for protecting your expensive and favorite wine bottle from spoilage. Yes! Kato includes a super quality vacuum stopper which allows you to pull and push the pole until all the air comes out and rebound the pole automatically.

Kato manufacturing its vacuum stopper with aluminum with screw thread and also uses silicon to make it food grade safe.

Expert Foil Cutter

Just place the included foil cutter of Kato on top of the bottle, squeeze and twist the foil cutter and the foil will remove nicely to allow you open the cork. The blade of foil cutter is made of stainless, and that makes it sharp enough as well as rust free.

Quicker and Easy Operable

Kato wine air pressure opener allows you to remove the cork faster and effortlessly. You only need to place the needle into the cork appropriately and then gently pump the handle; the cork comes out smoothly without any hassle. Anyone, novice or expert can use this device flawlessly.

Key Differences from Other Items in This Category

If you compare our previous item, the Wine Ziz, Kato is similar in fashion. However, it uses high-quality aluminum alloy and screw thread to build its handle, which gives it extra durability than other products in this category.

  • Straightforward to use and no twisting
  • The beautiful pop-up sound that can startle your guests
  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Includes all necessary tools to enjoy wine
  • Reasonably priced
  • Beautiful packaging, ideal for gift
  • It is required to train your hand and a bit of power to operate
  • Doesn’t work correctly in case of too much porous cork
  • Plastic parts are little wobbly

Recommended or Not. Why?

The Kato Wine Air Pressure Pump Opener set contains four items: the wine opener itself, the foil cutter, the vacuum stopper, and the aerator. All are essential and quality tools that make it super easy to remove the cork, aerate, and store unused wine bottle. It also offers 100 percent money back or returns guarantee; if you are not satisfied with their product, you can make use of these facilities. And finally, but not least, it comes with a deluxe black box that makes it presentable to any wine lover.

Yes! There are some weaknesses, but it does not seem significant if you consider the price. So, if you think it’s going to be right for you, you can try this.

3. Best Single Step Wine Opener – Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

In our earlier reviews, we asked you to eliminate the trouble of pulling and twisting. Now we’re asking you to eradicate the pumping process that still needs a bit of muscle power. Because you need to apply muscle power or face any hassle, only need to insert the needle into the cork and push. You will hear a pop sound. Yes! The Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener is the easiest way to remove a cork from your wine bottle and to enjoy a glass of wine.

Do not move away; stay with me to discover more exciting features of this Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener.

Performance and technical issues:

Unique Single Step Motion

Cork pops introduce distinctive single step motion in its Legacy wine bottle opener. Inject the needle straight down from end to end of the cork and press the canister once and the cork pops out. It is the most straightforward way to open up a bottle of wine.

The fun of opening wine

No more hand power, no more special stunts to open the cork of the wine. Cork pops wine opener incorporates low-pressure inert gas canisters that will remove your cork in a short time. Just fit the needle and hear a lovely pop sound, and it doesn’t affect the flavor of wine and environment. All in all, it’s like a fun game to uncork bottles after bottles of wine.

However, the cartridge cannot open more than 60 bottles in a row. After using 60 times, you need to change it.

Suitable for All wine bottles

Cork Pops wine opener design in a way that fits in all types of modern and traditional wine bottles, even work correctly to flanged lip bottles. You will be amazed to know that Cork Pops also works on plastic cork where other air pressure pump opener cannot.

Built-in Foil Cutter

The beautiful black color body comes with a built-in foil cutter which helps you to remove foil efficiently without any tense of losing.

Sleek Design

Cork Pops design its device with a user-friendly black color rubberized finish which makes it look gorgeous. It also incorporated a patented cork ejector system and built-in foil remover along with a needle guard.

Protective Guide for Needle

A needle is a sharp object that can cause injury due to unconsciousness. To save its users, Cork Pops designed its tool such a way that the lower portion works as a protective guard and protects from possible harm.

Key Differences from Other Items in This Category

Cork Pops uses low-pressure inert gas – CO2 to easily remove the cork and patented cork release system and built-in foil cutter for enhancing performance. These two attributes differentiate Cork Pops from our earlier two products, Wine Ziz, and Kato air-pressure pump wine openers.

  • Swift and easy wine bottle opener
  • User-friendly rubberized finish
  • Built-in foil cutter
  • Patented cork ejection system
  • Have to hold the bottle tightly. Otherwise, it may fly out from your hand
  • Sometimes the force of opening split wine from the bottle
  • Change cartridge is available but a bit of expensive option
  • Not available for sale in Catalina


  • Do not puncture, burn up, or store above 120°F.
  • Do not use on Champagne, Sparkling wine
  • Do not use on odd shaped bottles, including square, rectangular, mixed, i.e., square to round.
  • If accidentally sprayed in eyes or on the skin immediately flush with warm water

Recommended or Not. Why?

Although it says that removing a cork is super easy, you need to maintain some precaution if you are the first time user. Just as you have to hold the bottle tightly with one hand and use another hand to hold the device securely, otherwise the force of inert gas may fly out your wine bottle or split a quantity of wine into your shirts.

However, opening a wine bottle with this device is entertaining once you become an expert. If you’re looking for a tool that’s fast and easy, then you can try it out.

4. Best All-in-One Cork Remover – Wine Bottle Opener Air Pressure Wine Cork Remover by XCSOURCE

Air Pressure Wine Cork Remover

Either a lady’s dinner party or a celebration of a special moment or a wedding or birthday reception, the ceremony remains incomplete without cheers with wine. Likewise, the enjoyment of any party can turn into lusterless without a good wine opener.

Get rescued from this dilemma; you can depend on the best all-in-one wine bottle opener air-pressure wine cork remover brought to you by XCSOURCE. Yes! XCSOURCE wine bottle opener comes with an upgraded air pressure pump that allows you to open the cork from your favorite wine bottles without the need for muscle.

Let’s visit our below section to know more on this fantastic device.

Performance and technical issues:

Remove Cork in Less Than a Minute

XCSOURCE wine opener eliminates the need for the muscle power to screw into the cork to pull it. Instead, you only need to push the needle through the cork and pump air gently into the bottle to uncork. It’s so easy that you can remove a cork in less than 30 sec.

Offer Full Package for Wine Enthusiast

XCSOURCE wine opener comes in a beautifully decorated black color hard box, and it is a set of 4 pieces. This advanced featured elegant air-pressure pump wine opener comes with its following brothers.

Foil Cutter – consist of four sharp wheels made of aluminum that efficiently cuts the foil from the bottleneck of wine. As it’s made of hard aluminum material, it will not be teased easily and last for long.

Wine Aerator – made with silicone that helps stick to the bottleneck tightly and avoid spill while pouring or remaining wine mess up.

Vacuum Wine Stopper – to save unconsumed wine you can use this excellent wine saver vacuum stopper. You can also store your wine for a long time by slowly pump out all air from the bottle with its vacuum pump.

Portable and Lightweight

XCSOURCE wine opener set is exceptionally lightweight, weighs only 0.71 pounds, which makes it a portable wine kit during your travel or an outdoor party.

Suitable for all types of cork

XCSOURCE Wine Opener’s needle is sharp enough to enter any hard cork quickly. It also gives you access to any dry hard or moist cork where most of the traditional corkscrew split and leftovers chips in case of wet corks or unable to screw into the hard, dry cork.

Safe and well Design

XCSOURCE wine bottle opener made of non-toxic ABS plastic, which is also reliable and durable. The surface of needle coated Teflon that makes it food grade safe and corrosion resistance. This model’s needle is well protected, which reduces the chances of being injured with this. It allows you to hold firmly to avoid the chances of slippage that can be used safely by any person with little gangly or even a child. The silicone used for made the stopper or pourer is food graded that is again safe for your health.

Excellent Customer Support

XCSOURCE offers an 18-month warranty on quality-related issues and customer support for life. Not only that, it gives you the answer to any of your queries within 24 hours.

Key Differences from Other Items in This Category

We found two significant differences in this model with other wine openers-firstly, it offers you a complete package (wine opener, foil cutter, aerator pourer, vacuum stopper) required to enjoy your wine and secondly, it works on almost all kinds of dry or wet corks and wine bottles.

  • Made with durable, high-quality ABS
  • Stress-free to use cork remover
  • No cork float & works most corks
  • Teflon coated needle, food graded and corrosion resistance
  • The silicone used in accessories are also food graded
  • A delicate gift for any wine lover
  • It works great but looks a bit of flimsy

Recommended or Not. Why?

If you consider the features –easy to use, made with ABS materials, food grade needle, 4-piece set and lightweight and portable all indicate it’s an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you analyze Amazon’s customer reviews, you’ve found very few feedback indicating it’s pretty new on the market. They promise, however, to provide extensive customer service and lifelong support. So, you might think about this product.

5. Best Petite Wine Opener – Cork Pops Original Wine Opener

CorkPops Original Wine Opener

Do you want a wine opener which is entertaining to use and comfy to fit in your pocket? The screw-less original Cork Pops wine opener is now available at a weight of only 4.8 ounces in size of 11/4″ width and 7″ long body. However, don’t be fooled by its size – it is the fastest and easiest way to open a wine bottle. Believe me! Only insert the needle directly through the cork, press on the canister once and lift the cork with a merriment ‘POP’ sound!

So, turn out every opening of a wine bottle into a celebration, let’s check more features of this product at below.

Performance and technical issues:

Fastest Cork Remover

No dragging – no twisting – no more fishing broken corks. It is the quickest and easiest way to remove the cork from any wine bottle. Only pierce the needle into the cork and push. That’s it! Enjoy your evening party with delicate wine.

Easy to Replace Cartridge

Cork pops come with a cartridge which lasts up to 60 bottles. However, no need to tense you can buy it separately and swiftly replace with the original.

User-friendly and Secure

It is a perfect wine opener for those who have mobility restriction. Instead of muscle, CO2 canister does the work of removing the cork. However, to avoid any unexpected situation, you have to hold the belly of the bottle firmly during operation.

It also comes with a protective cover for the needle, which saves you from any possible harm when it is not in use or carries in a pocket.

Safe for Health and Environment

Cork pops use CO2 as a low-pressure inert gas to open the cork which not harmful for your health as well as the environs.

Handy and lightweight

Cork pops original wine opener is extremely light in weight and portable that you can carry it in your pocket or bag conveniently during travel or outdoor party.

Key Differences from Other Items in This Category

There is no significant difference from other items in this category except the compactness and lightweight design. However, it is a great product that helps you to open up the wine bottle within seconds.

  • Simple and effective device
  • The perfect addition to your bar or home use
  • Equally appropriate for old, dry or wet cork
  • No screws, so No more chips into wine
  • The needle is long enough that can remove Bordeaux corks too
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not includes any foil cutter
  • It might not work on plastic cork properly if it is too tight
  • Lack of instruction about warranty policy

Recommended or Not. Why?

Those who are struggling with a traditional or electric wine opener, Cork Pops is the fantastic edition for them. It is a quicker, more comfortable, and harmless option to open the wine. The only drawback of it does not include any foil cutter which is not significant as you can buy it separately. Ops! Another downside of it is you cannot open more than 60-80 bottles with one cartridge and replacing a canister is required some investment which many may not like. If you think this is not a problem, then you can try this.

Buyer’s Guide

Opening a bottle of wine is an art. You can open a wine bottle in many ways with or without a corkscrew, simply push a button or employ a lot of muscle power, using traditional tools or contemporary means. Whatever you use, the ultimate goal is to enjoy a glass of wine.

If you want to add some color to life and make the task of opening a wine bottle like magic, then the best choice is the air pressure wine bottle opener.

Once again, there are huge brands and quality available on the market. How do you decide which one is the perfect match for you? To save you from this uncertainty, we prepare an in-depth buying guide that can help you in some way.

Air pressure vs. Air pump wine opener

Air pressure wine opener

This type wine opener usually use low-pressure inert gas like carbon dioxide. In this type of wine opener, it has a sharp hollow needle and a gas cartridge. When you pierce the needle into the cork and push propellant cartridge, the inert gas forcibly fills up the vacuum and pressurize the cork to come out. In this type, you don’t need to apply any force.

  • No muscle power needed to open the cork
  • Suitable for all types of cork
  • Not harmful for health or the environ
  • Very fast
  • Cannot open more than 60-80 bottles with a single cartridge
  • Not suitable for Champaign or sparkle wine

Air pump wine opener

Instead of injecting low-pressure inert gas, it pumps fresh air into the bottle which pressurizes the cork to come out slowly.

  • Required no fumes, no gas – unlimited use
  • Low-cost operation
  • Easy to operate than screw types
  • Need a bit of muscle power to remove the cork
  • Does not work on plastic corks always
The best Multifunctional Wine System

The best Multifunctional Wine Opener System

A brilliant specimen of the best wine openers is Coravin Advanced Wine Bottle Opener. It stands out among others due to its absolute multifunctionality.  The idea is that with Coravin, you can drink your favorite wine as long as you want, keeping it right in the wine bottle. In other words, with Coravin, you get everything you could want from the perfect wine opener and even more. The main point is that it is a Multifunctional and Advanced Wine Preservation System of the highest quality. Explore all the Coravin key-features, and it might be the last wine opener you’ll ever buy.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Cork Pops Wine Opener

Mode of Operation

As we said Air pressure wine bottle opener either pump type or cartridge type. We described the advantages and disadvantages of both categories. Which one is more suitable for you, you have to decide before buying.

Material Used

Some models made of cheap plastic, while others use heavy-duty ABS. Some are simple in design, while others use threaded screw design for extra grip to prevent slippage. For long-lasting performance, some models build there handle with solid aluminum alloy. Whatever they use, you have to check the durability and whether or not these materials are safe for food.


To insert a needle first, you have to expel the foil from the wine bottle’s neck. For what an essential tool is a foil cutter. You can use good quality wine aerator pourer to enhance the taste of wine, and a vacuum wine saver is necessary to prevent spoiling your wine. Among these foil cutter is a standard tool offered by most of the brand with their products. However, if you need all those, you have to check whether your brand includes other accessories or not.

Warranty and Guarantee

Most wine openers on the market these days will contain some warranty or guarantee. However, ensure that you read the fine print, as the terms of these guarantees may change widely between companies. Most of them offer a 30-day cash back guarantee, but increasingly, they offer a 100 percent lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that when there is something wrong with the product you can claim a substitution free of charge.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. Does it need to inject the needle thoroughly through the cork?

A. Yes. The needle must need to penetrate through the cork wholly for proper operation — as it designed with a tiny hole near the tip which required to pressurize the bottle during pump. The industry standard cork size is 1.75″ or 4.45 cm. So, the needle should be longer than this size to work correctly.

Q. Does the air-pressure pump wine opener work on plastic or synthetic cork?

A. It depends on the model which you used to open the cork. Some are not penetrating through the plastic cork and some can. Typically, air pressure pump type wine openers are not appropriate to open synthetic or plastic corks. On the other hand, low-pressure inert gas type device can pierce in any cork either dry hard or wet, natural or artificial.

Q. How many pumps usually required to pop out a cork?

A. Typically, 5 to 7 pump is enough to open up a cork with air pressure wine opener. However, it will not exceeds 12 pumps in any way.

Q. Is it suitable to open Champaign or sparkle wine bottle?

A. No, it is not suitable to open Champaign or sparkle wine bottle. It is even not recommended to use in case of odd shaped bottles like a mix of square and round or square and rectangular.

Final Thoughts

Among alcoholic beverage, wine is the most tricky to enjoy. So, it will not matter how much you love wine; instead, it is essential how you remove the cork. Opening a wine bottle is a style approach and vary on a person’s personality.

There is plenty of option and device to open a wine bottle. You can open a bottle without using any tools by hacks, or you can use tools which need wrestling to remove a cork. Here, we discussed the contemporary and most comfortable system of uncorking a wine bottle – cork pops wine opener. No more twisting or screwing, no more muscle power – just insert the needle and push buttons, that’s it.

Hope our reviews and buying guides will help you to decide the best air pressure wine opener from the market.

Wish your every moment is a happy moment and enjoy wine with stylishness.

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