Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener

Carbon dioxide wine opener, it’s easier than using any type of corkscrew so they say, but there are some downsides to this product, the kind of downsides that form a very steep incline in usability of the device. I have used a Cork pops original, the small plastic one which comes with so many colors, can’t say I was entirely satisfied with it, and I wonder if this Cork Pops Legacy would be a better buy than the original.


Cork Pops Legacy

The first test I put this device through right after the box, was to see if it could open 1.5 liter bottles or anything above 750ml, to my dissatisfaction it does not. It’s not the openers fault, it is a case of the canisters being too small, a larger canister would provide adequate pressure to send a 750ml bottle right off the cork and a 1.5 liter bottle smoothly of its own, but I guess the company which made this was thinking about the hazards of an over powered opener being used on a small bottle.

The Cork Pops Legacy is sturdier and safer looking than the original one; this at least has its needle between two guards, so no accidents with this one. The button on the top is nothing troublesome, just a simple push to get the air out.

The canisters this uses are obviously the expensive carbon dioxide canisters that are sold by cork pops; they are definitely monopolizing the market with these things. The canisters don’t last long, although it says 60 bottles, you could expect at about only 40 being entirely uncorked before it runs dry. And also to point out clearly just in case some of you haven’t seen the review I made about the original, a burst of carbon dioxide does not affect the qualities of your wine, as carbon dioxide does not diffuse well into liquids (ah ha! I have done my studies you see!)

I still use this opener when I feel like it, especially when I am feeling entirely lazy to manually open a bottle, or go down to the cellar to visit my table top opener. So get this Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener for those who love gadgets and are not fond of large bottles of wine.

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