How to Choose the Best Wine Opener

I choose my wine openers based on a few priorities, but everyone has their own opinions on what are the best wine opener features. So I’ve read hundreds of reviews and compiled all the possible priorities here.
best wine opener

Easy to Use

This is my first priority because my wife doesn’t like to spend a lot of time figuring out how to operate a piece of complicated gadget. If she thinks it’s not worth her time, I’ll end up opening all the bottles.

Needs Little Hand Strength

Never buy a wine opener that requires you to strain your hand pulling and yanking at the cork. For one thing, it’s a waste of energy when another better model will handle it smoothly. And it doesn’t make you look cool as the cork pops out with you sighing in relief.

Won’t Break Corks / Good Leverage

A good model should be designed for good leverage that will get the cork out smoothly without broken bits or dropped cork in the wine.

Speaking of design and broken corks, the best wine opener should never break corks unless it was an ancient, decayed cork in a bottle of improperly stored wine. Signs of good design include a coated worm for smooth insertion into the cork, and as little brute force as possible needed to lever the cork out.


Got to last long enough for money’s worth, don’t you think? Generally speaking, manual wine openers are more durable than electric ones; the fewer gears it has, the less chance of broken parts; and of course, metal ones are more durable than plastic ones.

But a metal rabbit (more gears and parts) might be less durable than a plastic Screwpull wine opener (simple parts, no pulling force needed for use), so it depends.

Opens Bottles Fast

Not everyone needs to open bottles fast, but some people would like that. Maybe you have many bottles to open at time. Maybe you want a drink but your favorite show on TV is airing in less than a minute.

Not every corkscrew can get a cork out fast without breaking it. I recommend this one: Best Rabbit Wine Opener.


Wine openers can be priced at $10, or they can be priced at $100. Sometimes you’d wonder whether it’s worth spending so much for an accessory that can be bought for ten times less. And you don’t even know for sure that it’s The Best Wine Opener.

Try to buy something that you feel you can afford, and think carefully first whether it is the type that you would like.

Good Looking

Yes, we wine lovers often go for the very elegant and professional looking wine openers, because wine drinking seems like some sort of a high class habit that only high class people do (only the posh restaurants serve great wines, didn’t you notice?).

But everyone can drink wine, and sometimes it just feels good to have a beautiful wine opener to go with the lovely wine.

Compact/Portable/Small Footprint

If you have little space left in your kitchen drawer (hopefully not because it’s full of unused wine openers), maybe you’d want to consider a smaller wine opener.

Don’t try to find one wine opener that has all these, it’s next to impossible. Pick your priorities and if the wine opener has more good points than you needed, you’ve got a gem.

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