How to Make a Wine Gift Basket

Gifting a bottle alone during a wedding or any occasion which calls for a well aged bottle to be gifted would not look good at all. There aren’t many ways you can decorate a bottle, so giving it off with a few other related and complimentary gifts is a great idea. This is called a wine basket; of course the main focus is a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, or any other wine.
wine basket

So here I will be giving you ideas on how to create a wonderful wine basket and the things which should be inside it.

Step1. Size of container or basket

The size is the first step, this will determine how much can be placed inside. Pick a container with a tall exterior, this will stop you’re the things which are to be placed inside them from falling out. This will also reduce the required amount of material used to hold the bottles and gifts in place.

Step 2. Select a theme

The theme is a crucial marking as to what should be included into your basket. Of course the theme itself starts from the basket, if you were to choose a regular straw or wood basket then the selected theme is definitely vintage Italian, this goes well with a bunch of grapes, some select chocolate bars with complimenting colors, Italian made wine with preferably contrasting labels (if the bottle is dark then it should have a colorful bright label, with a little bit of gold) and a wine opener which incorporates a little bit of wood or vintage styling to it.

If you were to choose glass or plastic then that would give you a Techno modern look to it, a darker bottle with a dark label, mints, candy, chocolate and prunes with complimenting colors, and an electronic wine opener would work perfectly well.

Also consider the preferences of the person who you are gifting too, age and ethnicity are just a few things to incorporate.

Step3. Arrangement

It would be easy to just toss everything into the basket and wrap it all up, but the thing about wine baskets is that the insides are meant to be seen, it would be wise to keep the ones which you wish to highlight in an upright order. The first things to go into the wine basket would be the fillers; these are like napkins and anything soft for the bottles and gifts to rest on.

Next place the wine bottles or bottles in the middle of the basket, these are usually the heaviest and keeping them at the sides would lead to disaster, they can be slanted sideways but ensure that they are sticking out. Next arrange the chocolates or sweets around the wine bottles, make sure the tall ones are behind the bottles and the ones which are in front do not block the label.

Step 4. Decorations

After having all the gifts placed securely in the basket, think about adding some decorations, some flowers, a ribbon or even a card, anything that you can think of, just make sure that you secure them all down. I would recommend using a ribbon, not just as decoration but also to keep your gifts from flying everywhere, use it to tie down the tall wine bottles.

Step5. This is not a step, but a reminder that it all depends on you

There is no definite way to create an extravagantly beautiful wine basket, it all depends on your creativity, don’t depend on the ideas of others, get busy with your own ideas and everything should work out fine.

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