How to remove tannins from wine

We do not hear of tannins and sulfites in wine often. In a nutshell, Tannins are a significant part of wines. They refer to the bitterness, dryness, and astringency of wine, merely of red wine. Sulfites prevent excessive fermentation of wine. Nowadays, it is common practice to reduce their effects on the wine flavor. Wine drinking today becomes merely a kind of art, and its aim is obtaining exquisite pleasure from the taste of wine. Therefore, we use decanting of the wine and select the best wine glass for each type of wine to enjoy it best. All of these helps to enhance wine flavors and aromas. Today some innovative technologies and developments offer wine connoisseurs modern opportunities to enjoy this divine drink, reducing tannins and sulfites.

The Mystery of Red Wines

We know wine for a very long time. The first wine dates back to 7000 BC in ancient China. Present-day research shows that wine is consumed in large quantities every day, and drinking an occasional glass of red wine is worth your health. Red wine promotes longevity, provides antioxidants, and can be known to protect against heart disease.

During the fermentation of red wine, all parts of the grape are included, giving the wine its specific color and flavor. That is why we better decant red wine before serving, that means to slowly pour the bottle of wine from its bottle into a wine decanter.

What are Tannins in Wine

Tannins are not a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing, and they are merely in red wines. They are most usually in younger red wines, and wine with high tannins concentration would be described as more bitter and dry. All of the best red wine glasses contain tannins. Therefore tannins are the main reason for red wine decanting and aeration. This oxygenation process will soften those tannins. There are light-, medium- and full-bodied red wines. Light reds such as Pinot Noir have the least amount of tannins. A medium-bodied wine such as Merlot has more tannins and slightly higher alcohol content than a light-bodied wine. A full-bodied wine has a more complex taste and more tannins. A brilliant example of a full-bodied wine would be Cabernet or a Bordeaux.

Tannins in red wine

What are Wine Sulfites

Sulfur dioxide, also known as sulfites, occurs in all wines and is created during the fermentation process. These sulfites are also added during the fermentation stage to preserve the flavors and character of the wine. Sulfites stop the wine from fermenting into vinegar. Any dessert wine or semi-sweet wine will have the largest number of sulfites. If you are prone to headaches or migraines, it is recommended to stay away from sulfites. Tannins and sulfites alike have been known to trigger migraines.

How to Decrease the Concentration of Tannins or Sulfites

As much as decanting can rid your wine of these Tannins and Sulfites, it cannot remove enough to stop your headache the next day. Can you filter sulfites from wine? Wine decanting can remove some of the sulfites, but you may not even realize a difference.

The Best Decision for Those who are Sensitive to Tannins or Sulfites in wine

If you suffer from this sensitivity, Drop It Wine Drops may be your saving grace. Drop It Wine Drops remove the tannins and sulfites from your glass of wine and therefore take care of the headache.

Drop It Wine Drops Natural Sulfite and Tannin Remover

Drop It Wine Drops Key Features

  • Reduce both sulfites and tannins
  • Consist of all-natural ingredients
  • KETO friendly
  • GMO and gluten-free
  • Dairy-free

Drop It Wine Drops does not affect the taste whatsoever while simultaneously providing a smoother texture to your wine. The Drop it Wine Drops start working in twenty seconds and are cost-effective. Each 10 ml bottle will treat up to 55 glasses of wine, which is approximately 7-9 bottles of wine.

  • Fast-working
  • Portable
  • Discreet
  • Extremely affordable
  • The only con is that you can now drink even more wine!

Who should buy Drop It Wine Drops

We recommend this product as a safe solution to a hangover headache and a better alternative than having to take unnecessary medicine in the morning to cure your wine headache.

Drinking Wine Means Enjoying Life

Open a wine bottle and celebrate because with Drop It Wine Drops you will never suffer a wine-induced headache again. This all-natural solution will have you feeling better than ever, being small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, get yours today! From this day on, you will enjoy the process of wine drinking and have only pleasure. By the way, if you drink wine occasionally and wonder how to preserve wine in a wine bottle, the Coravin Advanced Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System might pique your interest for sure and be very useful.

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