Le Creuset Waiter’s Corkscrew

A sommelier knife which is worth it? You will definitely find it difficult to find one which doesn’t work as well as others, as the design and mechanism to these knives are small factors to its usability; it all depends on your own skills which would determine how well it will work for you.

Le Creuset Waiter's Corkscrew

The Le Creuset Waiter’s Corkscrew feels entirely solid, exactly what you will need in a sommelier knife. Good build and overall usability, just like the original one which I still have lying in a box for all my valuable knives. This one is fairly larger than the original slim one, but just the way I like it, the bigger it is, the more robust and durable I would think.

The mechanism is similar to all other knives, flip it open, twist it in, lock the two step feet on the bottle top and push it out, simple and easy. This Le Creuset Waiter’s Corkscrew is something which you can never go wrong with, I enjoy opening dozens of bottles, having quite a number of knives I would hand one out to my brother or my friend so that they could assist me in opening a bottle for themselves and their friends while I cater to my other guests.

The foil cutter is nothing to be hysterical about; it’s basically a simple and straightforward, it takes some skill to use for those who have never used anything besides an automatic or ring foil cutter. A careful slide of the blade around the edge of the bottle is enough to have the cork bare and ready to be extracted.

I also noticed a few waiters who use either this or the Coutale, I guess you cannot go wrong when it comes to such a well known and prestigious brand. I would definitely gift this Le Creuset Waiter’s Corkscrew, as it’s a great two stop knife, truly a waiters friend, but if you have the urge to look for something better than do not fear as there is the original one which would prove to be the only thing to best this opener.

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