Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener

So let’s see, Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener has a beautiful design, a built in thermometer and an overall automatic wine opener, what could go wrong?

Well to be honest automated wine openers are something that I usually avoid, drawing the cork form the bottle has been something like a tradition in the art of wine tasting, it is entirely significant and symbolic to me, the faint “pop” that a bottle of vintage fermented “Cabernet Sauvignon” would make after you draw the cork with a wine key is something that makes the wine even more valuable at the end of its long wait.

Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener

But enough of me, let’s look at what this robot has in store for those who decide to buy it. The biggest highlight for this Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener would be that it comes with a built in thermometer that tells you the room temperature and the temperature of the wine.

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You may be wondering “room temperature”? Well any wine connoisseur will tell you that each wine will have a different temperature in which they are made, and the room temperature has to be a little higher than their storage temperature to release the flavorful aroma from your wine.

So this thermometer is really handy, especially since you don’t have to stick it in the bottle, it uses infrared beams to tell the temperature, but this does not work on kegs and barrels since they are not transparent.

But the thermometer is only useful if it can provide accurate readings; this one only does it 60% of the time, not something you would call ideal at all, so it’s best to be sure with a regular 100% accurate mercury thermometer.

The digital LCD screen makes it easy to read, unlike the old fashioned thermometers that require your eyes to be at the exact level of the mercury indicator to avoid any inaccurate readings.

The set comes in a stylish black box, this would work well as a gift, and on display the charger base does look good next to a bottle of dark red, and it also comes with a foil cutter that can be stored on the base.

This opener holds its charge fairly long; you can use it to open up quite a number of bottles on a single charge. About the opening, well let’s say it will remove the cork entirely on some occasions but usually you will have to pull the cork out yourself, good thing is that it does not tear the cork.

Well I wouldn’t use this Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener unless my guests would want me too, it just looks great and is really fancy, but I wouldn’t say it’s entirely reliable, thermometer and all I will definitely give this to my friends, with a complimentary bottle of course.

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