Pedrini Wine & Bar Pocket Waiter’s Corkscrew

Brands for cork screws and wine openers have never really mattered to me, unlike brands of wine that hold distinct flavor from their unique individual fermentation, it seems cork screws are only subject to their usability, and personally I only prefer to class them by their type, the Pedrini Wine & Bar Pocket Waiter’s Corkscrew has a German sommelier knife design to it, these designs are usually very reliable regardless of manufacturer.

Pedrini Wine & Bar Pocket Waiter's Corkscrew

It fits into my pockets without creating an unsightly bulge; the sleek, design is really something to take a liking to, I prefer to keep my things in my vests pockets as I feel having something bulging out of your trousers to be rather embarrassing, but during those hot summers wearing a vest in my wine cellar or anywhere for that matter is pure lunacy, lucky for me; although this wine key is long it is fairly slim and does not make as much as a visible bump in my pockets, handy to have around.

Since the first days of my first wine key, I have always known them for being foldable with a knife on one end to cut open foil and another being the lever, this “Waiters Friend” has just that and a little extra, a bottle opener integrated into the lever, its perfect for those times when you have friends who can’t bear wine but are entirely tolerable towards beer, this bottle opener tip has seen its fair share of caps since I first bought this Pedrini Wine & Bar Pocket Waiter’s Corkscrew.

The grip is really something, it is not great but it certainly adds to the physical ease of handling this opener, with just the regular twist and raise I feel comfortable of removing countless numbers of corks.

However everything must have a flaw, due to its very low price this opener is susceptible to rust, and nothing will turn off the amazing look of a wine bottle that has aged wonderfully as horribly as a rusty worm boring trough the cork, I suggest not to let this anywhere near moisture, and not to drill it all the way.

This Pedrini Wine & Bar Pocket Waiter’s Corkscrew is just perfect for anybody who is looking for a classic wine key to draw corks out of glass bottles, and it really just fits so well with the feel of glass, the wooden tables and the smell of Riesling, well it’s only right to open a bottle of German wine with a Sommelier knife.

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