#Pinzon Penguin Wine Opener Gift Set

A Plastic wine opener, something I have never considered to be worth anything, but this may be something to change my perception, or even make it worst, let us delve a little deeper into the Pinzon Penguin Wine Opener Gift Set, first of all on Amazon its name states “Gift Set” well I is it really something you can give off as a gift without feeling like a awfully stingy individual, well you may give this off to those who are just sprouts in the wine business, they probably won’t realize what it’s worth.

Pinzon Penguin Wine Opener Gift Set

The feel is simply…how should I put it to be simpler? Well plastic seems to be self explanatory, it lacks the durable feel that metal has, well the worm is metal and I am entirely grateful for that, but every time I lay hands on this I feel like I am exerting a little too much force, that is may break at any minute.

On Amazon, it has a manual on how to use this Pinzon Penguin Wine Opener, well that was something quite useful I would have to say, as this is unlike any other openers, it is something of a wing corkscrew, it shares the same mechanics, it has a lock at the bottom that keeps it from pushing itself away from the bottle while inserting the worm, after locking it just pull the lever down and up again, depending of the bottle you may hear a faint pop if you do it too quickly(or your lever may break, whichever comes first), pull it off and lower the handle again, this lets the cork out, well in theory it does, but it only works about 70% of the time, and the other 30% leaves you with a jammed cork in the wine opener.

I do like the wine stopper and foil cutter, these are probably the only things I will keep even after the Penguin breaks, I frequent the wine stopper when you don’t plan to finish an entire bottle and keep it for a few more days, just for those times when the corks are unusable, it’s wise to seal the bottle right after serving, especially when you only have a few guests, this prevents wastage and loss of valuable flavors and aromas. The foil cutter is rather simple, just place it on top squeeze the black parts and twist, foil away.

This Pinzon Penguin Wine Opener is a joke, a novelty to say the least, the stopper and cutter are the only valuable things, but don’t take me seriously as I am someone who prefers using some elbow grease over anything, well it would be suited for those who aren’t interested in putting some backbone into drawing out a cork, but remember to be gentle as it breaks easily.

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