Pulltap Double hinged Waiter Style Corkscrew

A wine key form Pulltap, Pulltap Double hinged Waiter Style Corkscrewincorporates the very reliable Sommeliers knife mechanics and design, with that you can be certain that it will draw the corks out of your bottles every time, but never be too sure of a product just because of its looks and design, it’s wise to take an in depth and careful view.

Pulltap Double hinged Waiter Style Corkscrew

A single glimpse of the Pulltap Double hinged Waiter Style Corkscrew was enough for me to know that it would be cheap and very reliable; there are no fancy mechanics in wine keys, no squeezing levers to raise or lower, it all goes down to if you have proper knowledge on using these.

The worm on this device is coated in Teflon. This prevents rust and also gives it a smooth surface that does not absorb bits of wine from one bottle to another, I never have to wash this after using it, all I need to do is get a sheet of paper towel and give it a good wipe, and store it where it belongs, trouble free.

It comes with all the regular tools you need all folded neatly into its body, a knife for removing foil and a lever to reduce the force you have to apply, it certainly adds a little life to the party when I use these types of openers, it doesn’t even matter what I open with it, It’s almost as good as a Swiss army knife.

A design flaw which I immediately felt as soon as I used this opener is that it’s not something that you would use for really long durations, its small and the problem is just that. The size of this is quite a double edged sword here, its small enough to be kept on yourself but also too small to be handled properly, compared to the larger openers I had this was a pain to use.

The bottle opener might not be something you want to use, the design just looks flimsy, and the fear of breaking the lever is always present.

Another problem is the manufacturing, it does not feel solid and it will eventually break but I guess this comes with the price; however I can guarantee that you would see yourself opening a lot of bottles with this Pulltap Double hinged Waiter Style Corkscrew, overall it’s just a regular sommeliers knife, if you can get another model for cheaper you may just as well get the same level of usability.

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