Best Rabbit Wine Openers Review Top 5 Lever Style Wine Openers

If you want to select the best rabbit wine opener mind the following: you could open the cork of your favorite wine bottle in many ways where there is no need of any lever bottle opener like using a screw and hammer to pull it out, push the cork down into the wine bottle with a blunt object or slap it out with your shoes and more. Whatever the method you apply other than using an automatic opener is not 100% risk-free and will not looks decent if you follow those in front of any of your guest. Moreover, there is a fair chance that is cracking up of your favorite or rear/expensive branded wine bottle which may break your heart too.

Best Rabbit Wine Openers top 5 lever bottle openers

So, what are you thinking? Do you let yourself refrain from getting the taste of esthetic wine or ruin a romantic evening just to avoid the hassle of opening a cork? No way, we are here to introduce you with the 5 best rabbit wine openers on the market which are not only easy to use but also looks elegant that create envy among your friends.

Before goes to the rabbit wine opener reviews, here we would like to briefly discuss the process of opening wine cork with lever or rabbit corkscrew for your convenience.

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How does a rabbit wine openers work?

There are many types of corkscrew available on the market, among those lever corkscrew gaining popularity day by day because of its quick action and simple to use characteristics.

A rabbit or lever corkscrew consists a pair of the handle which helps to hold the neck of the bottle securely, a lever equipped with a screw or worm which mostly follows two motions – one forward, and another in reverse. It also sometimes comes with a foil cutter to remove the lip of the bottle smoothly. The main advantage of using the lever corkscrew is its controlling power which comes from the handles that assist in gripping the neck of the bottle firmly while the device is in use.

Steps of using a lever corkscrew:

  • First, cut the foil under the lip of the bottle by using a foil cutter
  • Take out the foil from the neck of the bottle
  • Place the device on top of the wine bottle by keeping the lever in the up position
  • Pressed merely down the lever to twist the helix or worm into the cork
  • Once the lever is down up to the mark, then lifted the handle reversely to extract the cork
  • To expelling the cork from the screw, flip the handle with a similar press/lift action for a few times.
  • That’s it and enjoy your wine.

Let’s join with us to indulge your charming and romantic evening full of fun and entertainment by choosing one of the best wine openers from the below.

Comparison of 5 Top Rated Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener:


Build MaterialsStainless steelStainless steelGold-copper metalStainless steelStainless steel
Includes foil cutter or notYesYesYesNoYes
Weight lbs.
Product Dimensions2.5 x 7.6 x 7.23.1 x 9.2 x 112.8 x 8.7 x 10.67.3 x 3.8 x 7.22.3 x 8 x 10.2


Best Lever Corkscrew Reviews:



Best Value Lever Corkscrew – OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Best Value Lever Corkscrew - OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Simplicity is better, yes, it is right in every whit for the OXO lever corkscrew. On the way to enjoy a glass of wine, you have to place the clamp of OXO Steel vertical lever corkscrew on the neck of the bottle and the lever will do the rest work, it’s that simple.

The OXO vertical corkscrew takes out a wine cork with stress-free simple two motion of handle – uphill and downhill. It is so simple that either you are a pro or novice you could remove the cork smoothly in a second without any incident.

Let’s explore more exciting features of the OXO steel die-cast bottle opener.

Die-Cast Zinc Handle

It is the most significant part of the device which furnished with soft, non-slip grip that provides additional control during upward and downward motion with comfort. Zinc alloy die-cast ensured long-lasting performance along with excellent corrosion resistance and better surface finish.

Non-Stick Screw

The worm or screw is non-stick in nature and glides smoothly into the cork and makes the work of lever effortless.

Fast Release

OXO rabbit wine opener expel the cork from the bottle quickly and automatically with a self-effacing pump of the handle.

Attached Foil Cutter

Foil Cutter is an added advantage of this device. You will not have to look for any more tools to remove the foil from the neck of the bottle. The removable foil cutter of OXO wine opener gives you quick access and convenient storage.

Overall Performance

It is an excellent tool for household barware collection. You can use it to open any size of cork either natural or synthetic. It also comes with an additional non-stick screw allows you for long-term use.

  • Very quick to open a bottle
  • Straightforward and low force use
  • Attractive finish and nice design
  • Foil cutter is easy to use
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Silver foil cutter made of plastic instead of stainless steel and most of the customer complaints that it did not work properly
  • Sometimes cork does not come out wholly if it is long enough

Recommended or Not. Why?

Though we see that the foil cutter included with it is not up to the mark, however, most of the customer says that the corkscrew is an excellent device, and sometimes it works better than its competitor the original rabbit, hence, if you emphasize the function of the OXO Steel vertical lever corkscrew then definitely worth your money.

Tip for the wine lover!

If you store the vertical lever corkscrew in its original box after everyday use, it will last longer, and you will get a beautiful presentation at every cocktail hour.

Best for Gift – ORBLUE Rabbit Wine Corkscrew Gift Set

Best for Gift - ORBLUE Rabbit Wine Corkscrew Gift Set
Lovely and eye-catching wooden box with a classic red color finishing organized with a large variety of wine enthusiast instruments that you need to open and to preserve your favorite wine brought to you by the ORBLUE. In case you are looking for a gift to present someone special or use by yourself, Orblue rabbit wine corkscrew set is unique and solely the best product. There is nothing much delighted than to receive an ORBLUE wine gift set to those who are wine passionate.

Stay tuned with us to know more on this elegant wine corkscrew set.

9-Pieces Wine Gift Set

The beautiful red color box of ORBLUE corkscrew contains many accessories in one pack. You will get one piece foil cutter, one piece wine collar, one piece mini aerator, two pieces screw or spiral worm, two pieces wine stopper and a thermometer along with the rabbit corkscrew, together all make it is a luxurious gift item for any occasion.

Premium Wooden Case

Case with a classic red lined finish makes the product gorgeous and good looking. It looks not only beautiful but also an ideal store for all the 9-pieces set in a subtle pattern. The big thing is that it introduces your sense of taste with others.

Easy to remove

like other rabbit corkscrew ORBLUE is also very simple to use and the attached spiral screw can effortlessly remove any cork, even from the old and brittle wooden content.

Wine Aerator

Very few brands add a wine aerator in its package and ORBLUE is one of them. You can cut down the time between unscrewing the bottle and the wine to breathe, insert the aerator immediate after open the cork and then pour your favorite wine slowly for tasting experience similar to a decanter Vino.

Wine Stopper

If you are a slow or single wine drinker most of the time it is difficult to finish the whole bottle at a time. The six-layer rubber seal wine stopper of ORBLUE helps to keep your wine fresh days after the day you open it. So, no more spoilage and no more expired wine.

Overall Performance

ORBLUE corkscrew equipped with all the necessary tools required to taste your wine without any annoyance. Attached foil cutter is sharp and assists you in removing the seal from lid effortlessly. So, overall it is an excellent product for use at home or as a gift.

  • A perfect gift for any occasion
  • Keep wine fresh from the days after opening
  • Easy and fast cork removal technique
  • Flawless to remove old and even brittle cork
  • Encloses foil cutter for easy removal of a lid
  • It is a difficult task to find fault of this fantastic product. However, few customer complaints that the helical screw didn’t work correctly at first attempt and needed manual pinching the finger in a tight spot to remove it.

Recommended or Not. Why?

ORBLUE is a famous brand established in 2013 and dedicated to supplies innovative and top quality kitchen products with high standard customer experience through full-time customer service. As proof of that, for the original purchasers, they offer 365 days to return your product or money. I’m sure this warranty statement helps to build your confidence and trust on this super brand as well as to make your mind while choosing a wine opener for yourself or gift to others.

Best All-In-One Lever Bottle Opener – VINABON Premium Wine Opener Set

Best All-In-One Wine Bottle Opener - VINABON Premium Wine Opener Set

A wine opener helps you to remove cork quickly and easily – it is his primary job, however, if you get such a set which includes an exceptional quality aerator that enhances the taste of wine, like me you might feel enchanted. Yes! VINABON premium wine opener set not only provide you attractive, smart and durable wine opener but also you will get effective foil cutter, a stopper with an air pump, quality aerator, stand, a beautiful gift box, and eBook Wine Guide – all in one pack.

Let’s discover more attractive features of this nicely packed VINABON wine opener set.

Impressive design

VINABON presents cool gold metal color finish attractive, smart looking and heavy-duty wine bottle opener set which furnished with all wine aficionado accessories. Brilliant life hack – you can impress your guest serving a glass of wine with this stylish and functional wine corkscrew.

All-In-One Pack

VINABON premium 2019 All-In-One wine bottle opener kit contains all essential wine accessories including a cute bunny wine corkscrew opener, effective foil cutter, a stopper with built-in air pump, aerator, stand, nicely decorated gift box, and eBook wine guide. It will be a great gift idea for a present to any wine lover or enthusiasts, and one will be delighted once get it in his or her hand.


You can enjoy a bottle of white, red or rose wine without any hassle if you have a lever rabbit wine opener. Now you can open cork in a second from any size of bottle effortlessly by following a simple motion.

Efficient Wine Aerator

The specialty of VINABON wine aerator is its two air holes which pull oxygen to aerates the wine during pouring. The aerator also equipped with a good quality rubber stopper which prevents seepage. So no leaks, no drops and no mess while pouring your favorite wine into a glass.

Wine Pump-and-Stopper

Where most of the stopper work only seal the unfinished wine bottle, Wine&Cork stopper come up with a built-in pump. This easy to operate pump assist you in pulling out all oxygen from opened bottle to stop oxidization and keep the flavor of your wine intake until next use.

Overall Performance

The main task of a wine opener is the removal of a cork which you could do by this fantastic device smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, it equipped with all useful accessories like foil cutter – help you to take out seal from neck easily, superior aeration system helps to infused air bubbles during pouring, together all will assist you in enjoying your wine in a delightful atmosphere. Nonetheless, it also includes an extra screwpull corkscrew wine opener spiral which allows you for long-term use. The free eBook on ‘Wine Guide’ is a plus to any wine fans.

  • Best All-In-One rabbit wine opener set
  • Sleek and impressive design
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use
  • Well-packed, high-end as a gift item
  • Excellent Pump-and-Stopper, every time enjoy life wine
  • The lever action is a bit clunky and sticky, not comfortable for all size bottles
  • Spiral screw sometimes slip to remove the cork from a wine bottle
  • Designed by the USA but manufactured in China

Recommended or Not. Why?

VINABON is a quite young wine accessories company eager to do their best and committed to providing the best service to its customer. As a new venture, it is apparent that they run on continuous improvement which we observed in their products. They try to bring a lot of incredible innovations, but at the same time, there are some limitations too. However, they offer 3-years extended warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you evaluate all the aspect side by side, you may put a maximum number on the positive features.

Best Compact Corkscrew – Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Best Compact Rabbit Corkscrew - Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Brookstone wine opener is sleek and compact in design that you could carry it in your pocket or onto a wine tray with no trouble. However, don’t be riddle with its small size, the oversized handle is ready to give you greater leverage that simplifies your work of releasing a cork in a single motion. Due to its lever-pull design, you can open any wine bottle in 3 seconds effortlessly.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Simplified Lever Action

The handles designed to grab and hold the bottle collar securely, enter screw/worm into the cork and pull it out in a single swoop of motion.

Easy-to-Use and Clean

The new revolutionary lever-pull design makes the cork removing action honest in every time. You have to place the opener top of the wine container, push the handle down and pull it back again and enjoy a glass of delicious wine. Due to its simple design, it is easy to clean also.

Includes Foil Cutter

The box of this wine opener contains a nice foil cutter which helps you to reveal the cork of wine bottle by removing seal effortlessly.

Stunning Presentation

The opener itself is sleek in design and compact. It presented in excellent packaging which makes it a Grade-A category product. I’m sure it’s simple but the stunning presentation will definitely like by your girlfriend or nearest one.

Build Materials

the handle of Brookstone opener made of metal covered with plastic. Thus, a metal core and a metal screw made of stainless steel make it very strong and durable.

Overall Performance

With this cool device you could open any wine bottle in 3 seconds which allows you to taste fresh wine. It can open synthetic or traditional cork without any issue. Moreover, ergonomic handgrip will assure you to open every bottle with safety. If you are a bartender and wish to use it multiple times, you do that without any problem.

  • Single-motion cork removal
  • Ergonomic handle for secure and comfortable grip
  • Compact design – easy to storage and transportability
  • Faster and durable
  • Versatile and innovative
  • A little difficult to gripping it to get consistent result those suffering in arthritis
  • Some customer complaints that it will not work steadily in case of plastic or synthetic cork
  • Price is a bit in the higher side

Recommended or Not. Why?

If you analyze the customer feedback, you see that this product receive maximum reviews and most of the (about 90%) are positive. Such a massive number of customer never make a mistake together. Also, the manufacturer uses innovative and ergonomic design in it to make it easy-to-use. So, you can rely on it either for home or restaurant use.

The Best Kit for Women – RedNoel Rabbit Wine Opener

The Best Kit for Women - RedNoel Rabbit Wine Opener

RedNoel introduces the rabbit style wine opener which is a perfect match for women. As unlock a bottle of wine is only a flash. No need to battle with broken and stubborn corks anymore, it’s so natural that opening a bottle of wine is never as easy as before. You can now uncork any size wine bottle with a single effort by using this lever corkscrew. Though we said it is women special, but it’s not mean that men cannot use it. RedNoel designs its wine opener for the connoisseur to the novice, and everyone keeps in mind.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Elegant Look and Durable Design

Every RedNoel corkscrew made of high-quality professional materials – copper and zinc alloy which makes it sturdy and at the same time give classic looks. It is an excellent example of subtle beauty and practicality.

Easy and quick release

Now, you can enjoy your flavorful wine in a flash of a moment. RedNoel wine opener helps you to remove cork within a second effortlessly. Only swing the handle to full off position and put the opener on top of the bottle then firmly hold the neck with handle grip and slowly bring the lever downward and return to open condition. That’s it; cork will come out of your wine bottle quickly and easily without any trouble. By following the last steps, you can expel the cork from the worm too.

Easy foil cutting tool

No need to search any knife or sharp objects to take out the foil, place the attached foil cutting tool top on the bottle, rotate clockwise and remove seal without difficulty.

Versatile, Fit for all sizes

RedNoel is a handy tool that can remove the cork from white, red or rose wine even you may use it to open the champagne. The opener also works for any wine bottle regardless of size and can remove both natural and synthetic cork with the same performance.

Premium Stopper

Wine stopper is an essential accessory and RedNoel rightly address this. Thus they include a superior quality wine bottle stopper to keep your wine fresh as like opening taste.

Additional Features

It comes with an elegant stand which keeps it readily available for use and makes storage convenient. Extra spiral screw the same rabbit quality supplies with it for long-term use. It also includes some basic instructions at the back of the box for proper use of the opener. All the items (set of 5-pieces) comes in a stylish box which reduces your hassle of searching hither thither and make it’s a nice item to gift too.

  • Remove cork effortlessly with a simple up-down motion
  • Elegant design and sturdy
  • Heavy duty and quality copper opener
  • The fabulous opener, quick and easy
  • Perfect for women and men
  • Stylish box – a lovely gift on its own or with a wine
  • Little bigger in shape, but light in weight
  • Package not included any aerator to reduce the time of pouring
  • Someone file a complaint that the screw not centered, which create obstacle while pulling the cork from a bottle

Recommended or not. Why?

We found very less unhappy customer during review the feedbacks on this wine opener. Moreover, RedNoel offer a lifetime warranty of mechanism, and in any reason, any customer shows their dissatisfaction on the sold product, Noel refunds them without hesitation. So, after seeing the easy to use and efficient performance, fabulous design, and extended warranty rules, you might think about it.

Buyer’s Guide

Serving wine is a universal norm either it is family get-together or official evening party. Whatever the reason is, opening a bottle of wine without using any tool may mess-up your party mode. Today’s age of modern technology it’s not a big deal to collect a handy wine opener to make your party enjoyable.

Again, to enjoy a glass of wine, it is essential to select the right tools according to your need which might be not easy always. For that, we try to prepare an in-depth buyer’s guide which may help you in a sort.

Why do people need wine openers?

The primary task of any tool is to make the work effortless. A solid, high-quality wine opener can change the game and make your wine evening delightful. Without a good quality wine opener it is difficult to remove the cork from the bottle, sometimes it might break the bottle, or stubborn the cork – any of this is not healthy for you. So, the necessity of a class wine opener is countless.

Who should buy a lever corkscrew?

Lever corkscrew is very simple to use in comparison to other corkscrews on the market like a butterfly or the twist and pull corkscrew. Waiters corkscrew is kind of handy, but lever wine opener is the best option for the real beginners. It is perfect for personal or family use. However, some models are excellent for heavy-duty use at the restaurant or bar by pundits. The only drawback of this type of opener is that some model of lever corkscrew takes up a lot of drawer space which may be costlier to arrange in a city like NewYork. Otherwise, it is convenient, faultless and sturdy to open natural or synthetic cork from any size of wine bottle.

Why it’s important to choose the right one?

Suppose you are an occasional wine taker and not consume one bottle at a time. Now, if you purchase a kit which does not include any stopper, think what will happen next. Similarly, many such aspects come in fronts like dimension and weight – easy to carry or not; usability and flexibility – is it hard to pull or press by you or not. So, to enjoy your favorite wine, you have to check all this issue carefully before purchase.

Please keep an eye on our below question-answer session to know more on this.

What To Know Before You Buy a lever bottle opener?

Easy to Use

The tool you are going to use mainly for ease of your task. So, before selecting your corkscrew to ask yourself how much work it have to done and how much muscle do you need to use it? After solving this question, you can easily understand what model is the best suitable for you.

Budget – is it worthy

Cost is another crucial factor which directing your choice. You will go for a low priced model if you want the wine opener only to do its duty cheaply. On the other hand, if you have no problem to invest any amount to get a sturdy and stylish corkscrew, then you may go for an elegant model like Brookstone Compact Wine Opener. It entirely determined by your choice and budget.


The style is a fashion statement which defines your choice. There are a wide range and form of wine opener available on the market, some are plain, and others decorated and well furnished. Some wine aficionado loves to present a glass of wine to friends or close one with special care, others maybe not. Keep this in mind corkscrew companies made different style, color, and arrangement of wine opener kit. So, choose one according to your taste.


For use by the bartender or frequent traveler, or anyone love to carry a wine bottle on the go, are tends to choose such a corkscrew which is easy to carry in the pocket. Conversely, if you want to use it at your kitchen, a countertop model will be a better option.


Whatever you choose regardless of purpose a corkscrew should be durable and long lasting so that it worth your investment. Most of the corkscrew brand use stainless steel as a body material to make their product durable enough to withstand against prolonged use. So, it will be wise to check the ingredients during purchase.

Cork type

Old days wine bottles are mostly sealed with natural corks, but recent time synthetic corks have been seen to use widely. So, check whether your wine opener capable of releasing all types (natural, plastic or synthetic) cork or not.


Having a guarantee of a product gives an added advantage. Though every brand declares that their product is best, still some are face problem randomly. If the day is unlucky for you, you might fall in that situation. For safety precaution, it is better to purchase a product with proper warranty support.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. Where to buy lever rabbit wine opener?

A. You can find a lever rabbit wine opener in any wine or wine accessories selling shop nearby you or you might visit online to see review and take your buying decision. The easy way to get a corkscrew as per your choice is to visit Amazon or eBay or other sites by sitting over your couch.

Q. How to use a lever corkscrew wine opener?

A. A lever corkscrew is most gentle to operate among other kinds of wine opener. You only have to place the grip in the right place, and the lever will do the rest work. However, we discuss the details procedure on this in the above portion of our reviews.

Q. How to fix a lever wine opener?

A. Please see the video on how to repair a lever corkscrew wine opener –

Wrap Up / Conclusion

Here we discuss mainly on manually operated lever rabbit corkscrew. However, there are other types available too, and an electric wine opener is most modern among those. Who likes to play wrestling while opening a wine bottle? No one, right? Lever corkscrew wine opener addresses this very well and makes their device simple and easy to serve the purpose. However, the contemporary electric wine opener makes the process more modest than a manual corkscrew. You can smoothly open a series of wine bottle within seconds without shaking or spoiling any by using an electric device.

However, if you consider style and elegance, rabbit corkscrew must ahead of all. Now it is your turn to choose the preferred wine opener match with your style.

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