Red wine glasses by type: A Guide to red wine glasses

While drinking red wine, you can use whatever you want to serve it in. It could be both is a special-designed red wine glass or a usual one. Though if you would like to feel yourself like a wine connoisseur pouring your red wine in an appropriate red wine glass is the best option. Additionally, red wine in a proper red wine glass wine lets you enjoy the aroma and flavor at the highest level.

Red wine glasses by type

A wine glass is unlike other glasses. It is not called a wine glass for anything. It is specially made and designed, so the wine tastes better, enhancing aromas and nuances. Getting a wine glass is worth it. Wine glasses are usually made of high-quality crystal or glass. They also can look pretty aesthetic and make you look fancier.

Red wine glass forms – everything matters (shape of the bowl, size of the stem, etc.)

The shapes of red wine glasses might look aesthetic or might even be curious, but these are done with great care and are the soul of the wine glass is one is to call it that way. The aim is to enhance the aromas of the wine. And the aeration is also taken into account.

Getting any glass to serve your wine when you do not mind so much about taste or such is something you can do. Therefore if you want to get the most out of your red wine, getting the right red wine glass is a must.

Red wine glasses – why do they differ

What red wine glasses go with what wine? Every red wine glass is not the same, just as every red wine does not taste the same.

Red wine has a rich taste, which is only enhanced by the contact of the drink with oxygen molecules. Therefore, the area of ​​interaction between alcohol and air must be appropriate. That is why it is customary to drink red wine from large-volume spherical or tulip-shaped glasses. The container should also have tapered edges that concentrate the pleasant aroma inside the bowl. It helps the tart wine while sipped, to fall on the tip of the tongue first, where the receptors responsible for the perception of sweet tastes are located. If you taste the drink from other glasses, there is a possibility that it will seem too bitter.

Red wine glasses in comparison with white wine glasses have different shapes, stems, and even bases. They can also be made of varied materials. All of these differences are not so much for the aesthetic aspect. Everything in a red wine glass is there for a reason: to make red wine taste better. Therefore the anatomy of a red wine glass is a significant matter.

Every wine glass does not work the same for every red wine. Many red wine glasses are designed for certain types of red wine, so the wine tastes better, and its nuances are enhanced. There are also all-purpose wine glasses if you just want something for whatever wine situation. All-purpose red wine glasses still will give the wine a better taste.

Knowing which wine glasses go with which wine is something very useful.

Bordeaux wine glasses

Bordeaux glass has a conical tulip shape. It allows the aroma of the drink to remain inside the bowl for a long time. The tulip-like shape provides abundant oxygen to the wine. Great for heavy, full-bodied wines with moderate acidity and high tannins. If you take a sip, the drink will contact the entire surface of the tongue, which will allow you to “taste” every note. Bordeaux glasses reveal the hidden nuances of aroma and taste of the Bordeaux in full glory.

Editor’s choice – Best Bordeaux wine glass: Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux Wine Glass

Best Bordeaux wine glass Zalto DenkArt

Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux Wine Glass is made for red wine, Bordeaux wine specifically. It’s a glass made through a rigorous artisanal process. Made for wines full of character and high in tannins it will enhance your wine’s aroma and flavor.

Features of Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux Wine Glass

This glass has a very sophisticated design. It also is more resistant to breakage than other wine glasses. It will open the wine up and capture the aromas of your wine.

Why have we chosen it as the best Bordeaux wine glass?

This wine glass is perfect for people who might wish for a more resistant wine glass while not forgoing the aroma of a high-quality Bordeaux wine. It’s also a glass with a long and elegant stem. The combination of ergonomics and design is beyond praise.

Burgundy wine glasses

The Burgundy shape, with a spherical bowl or resembling a ball and a thin rim, is suitable for mature, low-tannin wines with a rich aroma. Glasses with a large internal space and a wide but thin rim allow the wine to contact with oxygen actively. By Burgundy wine glasses, the wine goes directly to the front of the tongue, where the receptor zone responsible for sweetness is.

Editor’s choice – Best Burgundy wine glass: Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru Wine Glass

Best Burgundy wine glass Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru

The Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru Wine Glass is a wine glass made just for the burgundy. Made in Europe, this glass will maximize the fruit flavors and aromas of the wine.

Features of Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru Wine Glass

This Burgundy wine glass is made by hand from fine crystal and looks big and serious. This wine glass will change the character of your wine and significantly enhance your experience.

Why do we recommend it as the best Burgundy wine glass?

This Burgundy wine glass is made of a lead-free crystal and has a very modern look. It also is dishwasher safe. This glass will enhance your Burgundy wine considerably. Some people might consider it a bit expensive, but it’s worth every penny.

Pinot Noir glasses

The Pinot Noir wine glass has a wide bowl and tapered rim. Thus, they contribute to abundant wine oxygenation. At the same time, such a wine glass concentrates the delicate aromas of the Pinot Noir variety and discovers a bright, rich fruit component.

Editor’s choice – Best Pinot Noir wine glass: Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir Wine Glass

Best Pinot Noir wine glass Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir

The Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir Wine Glasses has a diamond shape that supports peatiness flavor and the taste of a plum. It has an extreme contour.

Features of Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir Wine Glass

This Pinot Noir wine glass is pretty tall and lead-free. Thanks to the unique design this glass will discover all the nuances and therefore make the taste of your Pinot Noir incredible. It is dishwasher safe.

It is the best Pinot Noir wine glass in our opinion

This glass has an extremely high-quality, is moderate but elegant. It will both attract attention and enhance your Pinot Noir wine. Worth to try!

Syrah / Shiraz wine glasses

Shiraz or Syrah wine glasses, slightly narrowed in their upper part, are intended more for dry red wine with a rich taste. The featured shape of the bowl softens the alcoholic aftertaste of the drink and adds some sweetness. Slightly taller than a Cabernet wine glass, this glass emphasizes the fruity qualities of Shiraz wine. It also promotes necessary aeration to soften the tannins for which these massive red wines are known.

Editor’s choice – Best Shiraz wine glass: Riedel Sommeliers Hermitage Wine Glass

Best Shiraz wine glass Riedel Sommeliers Hermitage

The Riedel Sommeliers Hermitage Wine Glass is a wine glass made by hand from fine crystal. This glass will enhance the aroma of black olives for what Syrah is famous and bring out balanced flavors, the velvety and silky texture.

Features of Riedel Sommeliers Hermitage Wine Glass

This Shiraz wine glass is mouth-blown from lead-free crystal. It is a high-quality product that requires handling with care. It is dishwasher safe.

Why we suppose it to be the best Shiraz wine glass

Thanks to its features this glass boosts the famous Shiraz’s unique flavor. It is also very ergonomic and thus comfortable to use.

Cabernet Sauvignon wine glasses

Cabernet wines from the Sauvignon region usually have a higher alcohol content and more tannins. The high volume bowl creates more between the wine and the taster, controlling the concentration and evaporation of ethanol vapors, and does not allow them to distract attention. It also allows more oxygen to come into contact with the wine, which softens the tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon wine glasses might be suitable for some other red wines.

Editor’s choice – Best Cabernet Sauvignon wine glass: Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet Glass

Best Cabernet Sauvignon wine glass Riedel Vinum XL

The Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet Glass is a pretty big wine glass with a capacity of 33 ounces. It’s made from fine crystal and machine-blown. It might also improve your wine experience significantly.

Features Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet Glass

This glass is a pretty delicate one that might fit comfortably in your hand. Thanks to a pretty fine crystal it looks fabulous.

Why to choose it as the best Cabernet Sauvignon wine glass?

Many people love these Cabernet Sauvignon wine glasses. They are beautiful, well done, and promote the wine’s aromas and flavors properly. They will be also a kind of fine decoration for your home.

Standard red wine glasses

Over the past 100 years, there have been wine glasses for almost every type of red wine developed. Each sort of red wine has its characteristics associated with the level of acidity, fruity expressiveness, and, of course, tannins. Therefore, different shapes of glasses can enhance or, on the contrary, soften certain features of wine. Standard wine glasses are handy for optimizing storage space and are suitable for the novice red wine enthusiast.

Editor’s choice – Best Standard wine glass: Riedel Swirl Stemless Red Wine Glass

Best Standard wine glass Riedel Swirl Stemless

The Riedel Swirl Stemless Red Wine Glass is made from non-lead crystal is designed with the best aeration in mind. With a slight swirling motion, this glass provides great decanting and aeration for red wines through its designed ripples and grooves.

Features of Riedel Swirl Stemless Red Wine Glass

This glass is made of high-quality non-leaded crystal. It aerates and provides betterflavor and aroma for every red wine. Swirling can be made fun and easy with this glass.

This Standard wine glass is the best according to our opinion

This Standard wine glass is recommended because of its ulimative ability to aerate red wine. The design is laconic but elegant. It is a perfect decision for those who would like to start the acquaintance with the world of wine just elegantly.

All-Purpose wine glasses

A wine glass is a tool with which you can reveal all the secrets of red wine. It is impossible to enjoy the taste and aroma of wine without a wine glass, so the quality of the glass plays no less role than red wine itself. All-Purpose red wine glasses are ideal for everyday wine drinking. Nevertheless, an evening in the company of ordinary red wine is worthy of being served with perfect All-Purpose wine glasses. And, of course, saving money is, although not the main, but a pleasant and significant bonus for the supporters of All-Purpose wine glasses.

Editor’s choice – Best All-Purpose red wine glass Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Collection

Best All-Purpose red wine glass Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass

The Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Collection All Purpose is a wine glass made from Tritan crystal glass. It has a geometric look and an excellent balance like its Cabernet Similar.

Features of Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass

This glass is made in Germany, boasting high fashion and sharp, crisps line made with the pretty good glass-making methods. Some people can see these glasses as stylish and fancy.

You’ve alredy found the best All Purpose red wine glass

This All Purpose red wine glass simply looks beautiful. It is suitable for red wines merely. You can use a dishwasher to wash it. A reasonable price is also to be taken into consideration.

How to serve red wine

Knowing which wine to buy and which glass to serve it into is just half the battle. Knowing how to pour red wine properly is the difference between getting the most out of wine and a glass or just wasting your time. Of course, not anybody is born knowing hodecw to serve red wine. Just doing whatever comes to your mind isn’t the best option either. It’s worth knowing how to you here how to serve red wine properly, so you can get the most out of it and look like a wine connoisseur in front of your friends.

The first thing is choosing the appropriate wine glass. Not all wine glasses are made for all the red wines, so choose one that is made specifically for the type of red wine you’re going to serve.

Then there’s how to pour the wine. Do it carefully and slowly, so you don’t spill. Do not serve the glass full to the top as it will defeat the whole purpose of having a wine glass. 5 to 6 oz is a standard wine pouring and something you should aim for so the glass does its job well.

Decanting before serving can also be very useful when you want to get a better-tasting wine. Why aerate red wine after serving it is also another question. Aerating allows the wine to get a better aroma and flavor. Leave your wine aerating for some minutes, and it might have a better aroma and flavor.

Serving temperature of different red wines

All the red wines are different. Some are lighter, others heavier, and all they have different aromas and flavors. And with temperature, not all the red wines are to be served at the same one. Every red wine is unique in its characteristics, so the temperature at which to pour red wines to enhance these characteristics also differs.

If you serve a red wine way too warm, the alcohol level may fell out-of-balance, and the freshness will be lost with the acidity. Pouring a red wine at the proper temperature will guarantee the wine will display all the desired qualities and will make a great drink.

The on-bottle thermometer like this will help you to find out the exact temperature of a wine bottle.

Light, fruity red wines are best served at 12-13 degrees Celsius. Medium-bodied red wines are best served at 14 to 16 degrees Celsius. And full-Bodied reds are best served at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Why decant red wine

To decant a red wine is to enhance its flavor and aroma. When you decant wine you get it free of sediment. So wine will taste better as it also is aerated in the process. Many red wines as the young ones benefit a lot from decanting as these have a lot of sediment most of the time, and decanting will enhance the flavor of these wines.

Decanting is always beneficial. Doing it will improve the aroma and flavor of any wine even if a bit, so it is merely worth a try.

How to store red wine

How to store red wine is something every person who likes wines should know about. Sometimes just letting the bottle of wine sit in a cool and dry place is enough to keep it and well for the short term perspective. Sometimes it is better to plan how to store a bottle of red wine properly when you intend to save it long-term. Not all red wines should be stored for so long though. Storing red wines is different from trying to age it.

Storing red wine properly is more about preserving wine, so it doesn’t spoil prematurely, rather than trying to let it age. The first thing to consider is finding a place that’s dry and dark. Direct sunlight is bad for wines. A dark and dry place will preserve the taste of the wine very great. Consistent temperature and humidity are also important. A temperature between 45 and 65 degrees is best. Also, do not store corked wine bottles in an upright position. It’s better to store corked wine on its side. Also, avoid strong odors that could taint the wine.

If you are the wine enthusiast, wine storage cabinets are the best for storing red wines. In the end, remember that most wines have an expiration date, so consuming them as soon as possible and do not let them spoil.


Having some questions about red wine glasses, or about serving red wine is very natural and good. These questions allow us to learn new things about wine and become better when it’s about it.

Why do I need a red wine glass?

You could pour your red wine wherever you wish, and anybody does not stop you from doing it. You could even drink it straight from the bottle if it is what you want. But if you would like to enhance the aroma and flavor of your red wine and look fancy in the process, then using a wine glass will be a better option.

The red wine glasses are made not only because of only the design. The shape of a red wine glass is made specifically for enhancing the aromas and flavor of the red wine, also allowing it to aerate and to come to the mouth properly. Everything in a red wine glass is for making the wine poured in smells and tastes better. Some expensive (but very high quality) red wine glasses might even make cheap wine taste way better. So, if you want to taste better red wine, then getting a good wine glass is a must.

How to decant red wine without a decanter?

You can decant red wine without a decanter. You can also decant your wine using a proper red wine glass.

To decant red wine using a wine glass, just pour the wine from the bottle into the wine glass slowly and carefully, so all the sediment stays in the bottle. Of course, it will be a lesser amount of wine what you decant using a wine glass, but it will still be decanted. Let it sit there for about 30 minutes, and it is ready to drink.

What is the best temperature for red wine?

All wines can’t be served at the same temperature, as some benefit from being served at different temperatures. Red wine, by example, benefits a lot from being served cool. There is the common misconception that red wine is best served at room temperature though that isn’t quite true. Pouring it cool is way better than serving it at room temperature. 60 to 70 degrees is the best temperature to serve a red wine at. It will guarantee a better flavor than pouring it at room temperature.

Choose the right red wine glass to enjoy the red wine flavor

Over the past 100 years, red wine glasses have been designed for almost every known grape variety. All styles of wine have their features associated with the level of acidity, fruit expressiveness, tannins, and alcohol. Of course, different shapes of red wine glasses can enhance or soften certain properties of your favorite red wine.

Choosing the proper red wine glass is what makes the difference between drinking an okay wine and drinking perfect red wine. Getting the right one is a must for everyone wanting to make red wine taste best.

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