Wine Enthusiast Legacy Wine Opener Set

It has been quite some time since I have seen a large towering table top wine opener like this Wine Enthusiast Legacy Wine Opener Set, and as usual I expect them to look as elegant as they would when they are perched by the sides of a table, or on their own stand. These openers are meant to be in the kitchen or in the cellar, not something I am entirely interested in carrying around, not because its heavy but mainly because I fear of causing any damage onto them.

Rogar Estate Wine Opener

As the name suggests this Wine Enthusiast Legacy Wine Opener Set is for those who own an estate, you might be thinking that at that price even one who barely owns a cellar could afford to buy one, well it is not a case of price, but rather the size of the opener itself.

It comes with a wooden base, made of hardwood; it looks particularly stunning atop my Amazon rosewood table especially when that table is situated next to a wine rack made with Bolivian “Pau Ferro”. The neck (or backbone) of the set is made of metal, so the hard wood base and the metal piece are what make up the stand for the opener itself.

The opener, crafted designs on a piece of metal, this beauty can only be experienced firsthand; words would not do justice at all. The part that connects the opener to the neck is adjustable, you can remove the opener and clip it onto any other surface which you were to deem suitable.

The handle is also made of metal with a wooden grip, the same hardwood as the base; all of these add up to one large and beautiful wine opener. A tight clamp can be found at the bottom tip of the opener, also engraved with beautiful designs this is definitely something to show off.

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The mechanics are entirely simple; clamp the bare (foil removed) bottle with the clamp at the bottom of the opener, pull the large handle down towards you and your bottle is opened, all in a single effortless motion. Push the handle back to instantly re-cork your bottle.

I definitely recommend those who are serious about their wine to purchase one of these Wine Enthusiast Legacy Wine Opener, do not settle for cheap plastic ones either, buy a piece of elegance from Wine Enthusiast, for the price it is definitely worth it.

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