Best Compact Wine Opener – Screwpull Pocket Model Corkscrew

Surprisingly, this plastic Screwpull wine opener with a light feel to it can last really long. The Screwpull name seems to attach quality to even the simplest of its wine openers. This Screwpull Pocket Corkscrew is a lightweight and compact wine opener you can bring anywhere.

Screwpull Pocket Model Corkscrew

Compact and Portable Corkscrew

This corkscrew wine opener is compact and doesn’t take up much room in the kitchen drawer. Though named a “pocket model”, it is slightly large for the pocket. But it’s small enough to be portable in a bag.

Opens Bottles Easily, but Not Fast

The Screwpull Pocket Model Corkscrew is easier to use than waiter corkscrews; all you do is turn the handle around in one direction until the cork pops out. The worm is coated so it glides smoothly into the cork as you turn the handle, so no broken corks! Be careful not to open plastic or synthetic corks with this though, it’s not strong enough to pierce all the way through and might damage the worm.

This wine opener doesn’t need much hand strength except to hold it steady over the bottle but it doesn’t exactly open bottles fast. If you’re looking for “fast” as well as “easy”, go for the Best Rabbit Wine Opener instead.

Very Affordable, and Lasts

This corkscrew doesn’t cost a bomb; it’s one of those cheaper models, being plastic and all. Many of the reviewers at Amazon were people who bought it for the second time because the first one broke after ten years or more.

Buy the Screwpull Pocket Model Corkscrew if you are looking for a compact, affordable, and easy to use corkscrew. It’s great as a gift as well.

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