Screwpull Trilogy Table Corkscrew

It has been ages since I used a corkscrew like this, and I am simply ecstatic, a simple grip and drill out type of opener, I can use this Screwpull 500650010 Trilogy Table Corkscrew asides the Rabbit, my personal favorite, and being from Screwpull I am sure that it will be satisfying to use and handle, let’s see why I like it so much.

Screwpull Trilogy Table Corkscrew

First before going to the performance let’s see how well it fits alongside racks of bottles in the cellar, well to say the least, this looks amazing. Screwpull 500650010 Trilogy Table Corkscrew comes with a base and not just any base, it’s a foil cutter, so you never have to worry about losing anything.

Operating this opener is nothing complex, just grip the neck of the bottle with the sides and make sure you have a good grasp on the neck to prevent slipping, then wind the worm into the cork, after it reaches the stop the cork will automatically rise to the top, this may require some strength and getting used to for beginners but this entire process takes only a few seconds if you have strong hands.

The main difference that this has from my previous Screwpull which shares similar mechanics, is that this one has a cork remover; the little red ball situated in the middle of the corkscrew, as soon as the cork reaches that point any more turns will slide the cork right off, this terminates the need to hold on to the cork with your fingers while you twist.

I am entirely pleased with the extra worm that is mounted on a longer extensible grip which is suited for those who don’t have arms capable of gripping the regular short tap like dial, I usually just use the regular short one as I don’t have much trouble twisting it, but for some of my friends and family members who are not as strong they would use the longer one which lets them draw the cork with ease.

This Screwpull 500650010 Trilogy Table Corkscrew has been very reliable and there are hardly any complaints from me, or other users, the design may need a little polishing up and the foil cutter base needs to have deeper grooves so the opener does not fall out from it, overall this is a very good and very reliable wine opener, to add an even sweeter coating on this already wonderful cake the price is amazingly low for something of such quality.

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