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Welcome to Best Wine Opener website and Wine Bottle Opener blog, the one portal to all best wine opener reviews, guides, tips and recommendations! I write this blog so that you don’t have to do all the research and read all the wine bottle opener reviews online if you want to look for the best wine opener – I’ll do it all for you!

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Types of Wine Bottle Opener

Which is the best wine opener for you? I think the best wine openers are the rabbit and the standard screwpull – one is swift and easy while the other is durable and needs hardly any strength, but you might like electric wine openers for some automatic action. So it really depends, not only on your preference, but also on functionality, portability, budget and even style. Here are the types of wine bottle openers you can choose from:

Read this post for a more detailed explanation on each type.

How to Choose the Best Wine Opener

Even if you can’t decide which type of wine bottle opener you want, it doesn’t matter, because many wine lovers have more than one wine opener in their kitchen drawer. There are a few qualities that everyone agrees the best wine opener should have, but other than the basic ones, the rest are pretty much personal. Here’s what I’ve gathered from reviewers and my own opinion on the criteria of the best wine opener:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Needs Little Hand Strength
  3. Won’t Break Corks/Good Leverage
  4. Durable
  5. Opens Bottles Fast
  6. Affordable
  7. Good Looking
  8. Compact/Portable/Small Footprint

Read here for a more detailed explanation on each criteria.

Best Wine Opener – Wine Bottle Opener Reviews

Here, I’ve written my own wine bottle opener reviews, and I’ve tried to combine my own opinions and views from other reviewers as well, to make it all more objective for you. Since there are so many wine opener reviews for all types of wine openers, it would help if you went through the criteria mentioned above first, so that you have an idea what your best wine opener is.

Best Wine Opener – Top Brands

The Screwpull brand is a distinguished one in the market of wine bottle openers, with their own design of screwpull corkscrews that are easy to use and durable. Metrokane fights ambitiously and emerges as part of the cream with their rabbit wine openers, while Oster and Vacu Vin each has their own fans as well. There are many other companies that produce decent wine openers; you might want to try them personally, but if you are giving away the wine opener as a gift, it might be good to stick to the top brands like these:

  • Screwpull Wine Openers
  • Metrokane Wine Openers
  • Oster Wine Openers
  • Vacu Vin Wine Openers

Best Wine Opener – More

Well, I hope that my articles can help you find the best wine opener, or at any rate, a better wine opener than you ever had. The thing with wine openers is to get something you feel you will like, instead of following what other people tell you, because wine bottle openers are quite like wine, they don’t favor with everybody.

Remember, the best wine opener is one that works like a charm for you, one that you can swiftly magic into your hands the moment you need a bottle opened, or even one that is stylish enough to win the admiring looks from your wine drinking buddies.

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