Best Value Wine Opener – Vacu Vin WineMaster Corkscrew

If you’re shrinking away from the Screwpull Elegance because of its price but don’t feel like getting those ten-dollar corkscrews, try the Vacu Vin Winemaster Corkscrew. It’s about half the price of the Elegance, simple to use and needs little strength.

Vacu Vin WineMaster Corkscrew

Lightweight and Simple

This wine opener is lighter than most lever style wine openers, despite the fact that it is rather large in size. It is very easy to use once you know the correct steps. The Vacu Vin Winemaster Corkscrew comes with a foil cutter that can be attached to its top. After cutting the foil, just place the opener over the bottle with all handles up.

The opener will grip the bottle and then you push down the small handles, push down the big handles, then pull all handles back up. Voila! The cork is out!

Using Both Hands and Less Strength

This kind of wine opener delegates the strength needed to both hands, so you need less strength for each hand to open a bottle. Perfect for those who have less hand strength.

But note that since this kind of wine opener has a fitting part over the bottle, it is not suitable for bottles that are not the standard size. If you often need to open super flange bottles, either buy another type of wine opener or keep a second type at hand.

Plastic Parts

A few reviewers have complained that the plastic part on top the Vacu Vin Winemaster Corkscrew that holds the foil cutter breaks too easily. So if it breaks you will end up with no convenient place to keep the foil cutter. This will not affect the function of bottle opening, but it could be a nuisance if the foil cutter gets lost.

If you can live with the plastic part, this wine opener is a keeper. Check out the price here and grab it while the free shipping offer lasts: Vacu Vin WineMaster Corkscrew

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