White wine glasses by type: A Guide to white wine glasses

White wine is a very delicious drink to enjoy any day when you feel like doing it, or the situation awards it. White wine can taste pretty good. Therefore you may not see white wine served in any vessel for that matter. Why do people not pour their white wine in a usual glass but buy those tall and fancy crystal glasses they will only use for those occasions where wine is present?

White wine glasses

Many people can serve their wine on whatever vessel they want, or even a mug, but using instead a white wine glass all the time is something they do for a reason. Here you will see why.

The Anatomy of white wine glass

A white wine glass is a glass made specifically for drinking white wine from it, you can tell it from the name. You can drink white wine on any glass you like, but a white wine glass is a way better option. Remember that a white wine glass is for drinking white wine? Of course, it is obvious, but the reason for that is more than making you look fancy when you drink white wine from it. How a proper wine glass can make white wine better than any other glass could?

A white wine glass is to provide a better wine experience and enhance the aromas and flavors of wine a lot. Everything in a white wine glass is made for enhancement of the wine and providing a great experience, what a usual glass won’t do in most cases.

White wines are softer than red wines

According to this you need different glasses for white and red wines. White wine glasses are usually smaller than red and tapered at the top. This shape of the bowl allows you to slow down the intense evaporation of the aroma, and white wine will delight longer with its unsurpassed taste. We usually drink white wine well-chilled. Therefore white wine should not become warm by the warmth of the hands. So, the white wine glasses have a long stem to be held. Understanding the wine glass anatomy means why a white wine glass is unique and why it is a better option when it’s about drinking white wine.

The Anatomy of white wine glass

A wine glass has 4 parts: base, stem, bowl, and rim. The base is where the wine glass gets its stability from allowing it to stay on top of a table or any flat horizontal surface without falling or spilling any wine. Then the stem comes and connects the bowl and the base. The stem allows us to hold the wine glass with ease without having to touch the bowl. The bowl is kind of like the soul of the wine glass, as it is where wine is pouring in. The shape of the bowl determines the enhancement of wine aroma and flavor.  The bowl should also allow the wine to swirl without spilling it.

Then the uppermost part of the bowl is where the rim lies, depending on it how the wine will flow from glass to mouth. White wine glasses can be made of crystal or glass. When a wine glass is from crystal, it is merely of better quality, yet it will be more fragile and easy to break. A wine glass made from glass is more durable but usually is less expensive as crystal glasses.

What white wine glasses go with white wine

Wine glasses might all have the same parts but are not all the same, and they are for different wines. White wine glasses are different from each other too. They also differ from red wine glasses. What makes a characteristic white wine glass is its shape. A white wine glass, in comparison to a red wine glass, has a more u-shaped and upright bowl, and it is generally smaller. A white wine glass is not only designed to enhance aroma and flavor but also to maintain the respective serving temperature.

Every white wine is different, so to get the most out of it means some other serving requirements. A Chardonnay is different from a Riesling, even though both are white wines. These two also required different white wine glasses to be drunk from if one wants to taste the most out of them with their unique nuances enhanced. Knowing which white wine glass goes with which white wine is useful when you want to get the most out of your white wines. Read on to make an easy decision, which white wine glass to choose.

Chardonnay wine glasses

Chardonnay white wine might be the most popular white wine on earth. You find at least one, if not more, yards growing the Chardonnay grape as these can make a great variety of wines according to where and how they are produced. Its a pretty versatile wine that can be of different flavors, aromas, and textures.

Chardonnay wine has its origins in Burgundy, a region in France, known as White Burgundy. Here the wine gained great acclaim for its elegance. Later it became a dominant ingredient for winemakers in Champagne to make sparkling wines. The chardonnay grape can embody the region and area where the wine is grown. According to the climate Chardonnay white wines can have tropical or apple flavors. This why two different Châteaus can’t produce the same wine. The grape quickly spread across the world, and the Chardonnay wine got to be the most famous and recognized white wine.

Chardonnay wines can have different flavors and aromas. Still, Chardonnay typically might be a dry, medium to full-bodied wine with moderate acidity and alcohol. Its flavors can vary a lot from apple and lemon to papaya and pineapple. This wine can also show notes of vanilla or butter when aged with oak.

Using the right wine glass for Chardonnay white wine is what can be the difference between a good wine or something people might find not so exciting. Using a usual white wine glass to drink Chardonnay will accentuate the oak found in some of these wines, a flavorsome people might not like so much.

A proper Chardonnay white wine glass will bring out all of the features of a Chardonnay balancing all the different flavors. Chardonnay white wine glasses generally have a larger and wide bowl, as it allows the famous layers and aromas of Chardonnay. Next, you will see a Best Chardonnay wine glass review.

Editor’s choice – best Chardonnay wine glass: Riedel Winewings Chardonnay Wine Glass

Best Chardonnay wine glass

The Riedel Winewings Chardonnay can be the right choice for Chardonnay wine glass. It can reveal the intensity of full-bodied white wines bringing up the multi-layered aromas of the wine.

Features of Riedel Winewings Chardonnay Wine Glass

This glass has a wide open-mouthed bowl, allowing the bouquet to develop the diverse range of aromas of the wine. It is flat-bottomed and wide, reminiscent of the wing of an aircraft, and complete with winglets. It’s machine-made and is also dishwasher safe.

Why we suppose it to be the best Chardonnay wine glass

This glass is good for those, who would like to get better aromas and flavor from their white wine. So, they could buy this glass to get such benefits. It is perfect option as it’s one of the finest wine glasses made for enhancing the Chardonnay smelling and tasting experience.

Montrachet wine glasses

Montrachet White Wine has the origin from in the Montrachet Wine region in France. It is a high-quality wine with complex flavors and aromas. Montrachet Wine can be defined as one of the finest wines in the world, and it is shown in its reduced availability and high price. Many Montrachet wines are in limited amounts.

Montrachet wine glasses are for revealing the intensity of this full-bodied white wine. It is also wise to take into account the multi-layered aromas component of the Montrachet wine. A Montrachet wine glass generally has a large bowl with a large and open rim. It allows for a widened flavor spectrum and a more enjoyable drinking experience. Next, you will see one of the best Montrachet wine glasses.

Editor’s choice – best Montrachet wine glass: Riedel Sommeliers Black Series Montrachet Glass

Best Montrachet wine glass

The Riedel Sommeliers Black Series Montrachet is a hand-made wine glass made from fine crystal. It is one of the best decisions for a Montrachet wine glass.

Features of Riedel Sommeliers Black Series Montrachet Wine Glass

This glass is red-stemmed and has a black base. It has a featured bowl with a delicate rim that is for improving the aromas and flavors of Montrachet wine and making the flow of the liquid from the glass to the mouth better and non-distracting. It has a 6 ounces capacity.

Why we suppose it to be the best Montrachet wine glass

Anybody wishing to get a better smelling and tasting experience from their Montrachet wine might acquire this glass. It might have a very fancy look for some people, and the red stem and black base might be attractive for some.

Sauvignon Blanc wine glasses

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most famous white wines in the world, also known as grassy. This wine originated in the Bordeaux region of France. Originally named Sancerre, this wine would hit Paris as it could go pretty well with or without food and was easy to drink. Sauvignon Blanc became famous worldwide thanks to New Zealand winemakers.

Sauvignon Blanc is well-known as a refreshing dry wine and possesses a nice crisp pucker and refined aroma. It is unique due to its herbal flavors, the feature of Sauvignon Blanc’s taste. It has medium acidity. Sauvignon Blanc wines have a wide range of flavors, being the primary fruit flavors lime, green apple, white peach, and passion fruit. This wine has subtleties in terms of its flavor, and it requires some attention. This wine has plenty of aromas.

A Sauvignon Blanc wine glass is generally tall with a slender bowl. The shape of this glass’ rim is to guide the tongue into making a U-shape to avoid detecting the acidity of the wine. The Sauvignon Blanc wine glass provides to contain the floral and fruity aromas of the wine, preserving all the different layers. Then we introduce one of the Best Sauvignon wine glasses.

Editor’s choice – best Sauvignon blanc wine glass: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Glass

Best Sauvignon blanc wine glass

The Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Sauvignon Blanc White Wine glass is a wine glass made for getting the best out of Sauvignon Blanc wine. It is from Tritan Crystal, a non-lead material composed of Titanium oxide and zirconium oxide.

Features of Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Glass

This glass has a bowl shape designed both for getting the best out of wine aromas and flavors and providing a sharp and geometric look. And it is an excellent balance. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Why we suppose it to be the best Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Glass

This glass is a good option for the one who wishes to get the most out of a Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle. It is for the person who wants functionality with excellent design as this glass might look aesthetic and modern for some people.

Riesling wine glasses

A wine glass for Riesling has its origins in the Rhine wine Region located in Germany. It was the choice of German nobility, transporting the wine with them around the world. And than Riesling has become to be one of the most collected white wines by wine connoisseurs worldwide. It generally has high levels of acidity, sometimes being sweet or dry but generally being sweeter. Riesling wine embodies a unique floral aroma and a flavor similar to that of nectarine, pears, peaches, apricots, and apples. This white wine has the potential to be aged for long, being able to improve when stored for over a hundred years when it’s a high-quality wine.

A Riesling white wine requires a good Riesling white wine glass, so you can pour it properly and appreciate better. A Riesling glass generally has a smaller overall. It is a little bit taller and narrower than a large white wine glass. The smaller rim helps to guide the wine towards the enter and back of the mouth to avoid tasting so much sweetness. This glass accentuates the floral aromas of the wine. So, let’s take a closer look at the best Riesling wine glasses.

Editor’s choice – best Riesling wine glasses: Riedel Vinum XL Crystal Riesling Grand Cru Wine Glass

Best Riesling wine glasses

The Riedel Vinum XL Crystal Riesling Grand Cru Wine Glass is a machine-blown crystal glass made for Riesling wines. It can be fancy and elegant for some people and might make a gift for some people.

Features of Riedel Vinum XL Crystal Riesling Grand Cru Wine Glass

This glass will strengthen the flavor of Riesling wine with all its unique characteristics like fresh acidity and high mineral components.

Why we suppose it to be the best Riesling wine glass

This glass might be a proper choice for the one who wants to get a better aroma and taste from Riesling wine. It can also be a great gift as this glass looks very beautiful and elegant.

Champagne glasses

Champagne might be one of the most famous sparkling white wines in the world. This wine has the right to bear the name Champagne, only if it comes from Champagne, the region in the east of France. And the production method is especial and known as the traditional method or méthode Champenoise in French. Champagne wine can be made from different grape types, for example, from Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and (or) Chardonnay grapes. This wine will typically be effervescent and crisp, not overly fruit-forward. A Champagne can be dry or can be sweet.

A good Champagne glass can generally be of three different shapes. The first is a Tulip glass. This type of Champagne glasses helps to ensure that the bubbles rise and carry the aromas to the surface, guiding them to the tongue. These glasses are slim at the base with a wide bowl that narrows before the opening. Flute glass is the second type and has a shorter stem with a long and narrow bowl. It is to contain carbonation and the flavor better. And the third one, Coupe glass, has a wide and shallow bowl. These cause the carbonation to dissipate quickly. This type is also may be proper for sweet wines. Let look through the features of the Best Chardonnay wine glass more precisely.

Editor’s choice – best Champagne wine glasses: Zalto Denk’Art Champagne Glass

Best Champagne wine glasses

Zalto Denk’Art Champagne Glass is a wine glass made for getting the best out of Champagne and its characteristic carbonation. This champagne glass is luxurious, and it lets to taste the precious Sparkling wine or Prosecco. You will enjoy the flutes from the first sip thanks to the innovative geometric shape.

Features of Zalto Denk’Art Champagne Glass Wine Glass

This Champagne glass is not as fragile as it could seem and more resistant than others. Because of the high-quality non-lead crystal material, it is resistant to such things as chipping, scratching, and breakage better than some other wine glasses. It is dishwasher safe. It might give a smooth in-hand feeling for some.

Why we suppose it to be the best Champagne wine glass

Zalto Denk’Art Champagne Glass is suitable for those who might want the perfect wine glass to boost up the quality of Champagne or Sparkling wine.

At what temperature serve white wine?

If you ever get to have a white wine bottle, you can pour it however you want. But what is the proper way to do it to obtain an excellent wine experience? Before opening your white wine bottle, learning how to serve your wine properly is a must. Learn how to serve white wine easy. The art of serving white wine does not require a chemistry degree but merely being a bit careful and knowing what to do. If you pour white wine properly, you get to taste it better and can smell all the layers of aromas and taste.

The first step is to choose the right white wine glass if you do have in mind what kind of white wine you’re going to drink. Then after that comes serving it at the right temperature. The on-bottle thermometer like this will help you to find out the exact temperature of a wine bottle.

Not all white wines are the same, so not all need to be served at the same temperature. Some white wines might benefit from cooler temperatures, while others will not. The best temperature for serving white wines ranges from 6 to 13 degrees Celsius, being more specific for certain white wines. Sparkling wines, like Champagne or Cava, are best served at a 6 to 10 degrees Celsius temperature, well chilled. Light-bodied wines, like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, are best served at 7 to 10 degrees celsius. Then come the more full-bodied wines, like Pouilly Fuissé or Viognier, which are to be best served at a 10 to 13 degrees Celsius, and it is rather than chill. In the end, do not chill white wine too much. It is better to keep in mind the right temperature.


We are interested in many things about white wines. For example, how to cool various white wines properly, how to chill white wine or Сhampagne quickly, and whether it is necessary to decant white wine. Let’s go through the most frequently asked questions.

Do white wines need to decant

White wines do not need to decant as much as red wines do. Red wines benefit a lot from decanting as these sometimes have a lot of sediment, and it’s also useful to decant them before drinking. With white wines, it’s different, as many people don’t think at all about decanting white wine or think it’s not necessary at all. Of course, some white wines do benefit from decanting, and even a few ones need to decant.

Decanting may improve the aromas of some white wines, especially of those with rich and full-bodied flavor. Most white wines do not have the sediment as red wines do. But some white wines may contain a certain form of sediment or tartrates. Tartrates are tiny crystals under the bottom of the cork that generally end up floating in the bottle. Decanting helps to get rid of such sediment and tartrates as they are not as pleasant to drink.

Why chill white wine?

White wine is served chilled, so it tastes and smells better. Too much chilling can make white wine taste not as good, so pour it at the right temperature, which is neither too hot nor too cold. When white wine is served right chilled, all the expected features like delicate fruit aroma appear. And the excessive acidity at the right temperature becomes more tender or not so remarkable. So, chilling makes white wine more pleasant and refreshing.

How to chill white wine properly?

You can’t serve white wine at whatever temperature you want. Or maybe you can, nobody is stopping you from doing it, but what happens is that it won’t taste as good if you don’t serve your white wine at the right temperature. Of course, not all of us have a wine storage-rack with controlled temperature and humidity to keep our wines at the right temperature every day. But chilling white wine at the right temperature before serving lets you enjoy it best.

An ideal method to chill your white wine is to keep it cellared and then put it in the fridge for 2 to 2.5 hours according to the type of wine. If you want to cool white wine quickly, then using your freezer can be an option, but do not forget to get it out of there as soon as it is chilled right. You can also use an ice bath as an option. Just submerge the bottle completely, so it chills evenly.

If you can get one, then using one of those white wine coolers is even a better option. A wine cooler will keep a wine chilled at the ideal temperature exactly all the time.

How to chill white wine quickly?

You can put your bottle of white wine inside your freezer for less than 25 minutes. If you leave your bottle of white wine in the freezer for a long time, it might explode. As soon as it’s ready, take your white wine bottle out of the fridge. You can also use an ice bucket to chill white wine quickly. Just submerge it all completely under the ice, so the bottle chills evenly and fast.

Why do I need a white wine glass?

A white wine glass is a tool with which you can reveal all the secrets of various white wines. Without the right wine glasses, it is impossible to enjoy the taste and aroma, so the quality of the wine glass is no less important than the content itself. You need a white wine glass if you want to get the most out of your wine. Nobody will stop you from drinking white wine from even a sippy cup if you want to do it and if doing so makes you happy. But you will get better aromas and flavor when you drink white wine from a proper white wine glass for the type of white wine for sure.

Every wine has unique characteristics that white wine glasses will enhance and even correct to provide the best aromas and flavors to you. Drinking white wine from the right white wine glass provides experience and makes the wine smell and taste as they should be.

It matters what type of white wine glass you choose

We appreciate white wines for their lightness and freshness, so the dishes for such drinks should be of an especial shape. A white wine glass has its features. To accentuate the acidity of your drink, you can use narrow tall white wine glasses. And white wine is allowed to drink in small portions to stay chilled. For this reason, white wine glasses are always much smaller than red ones. Of course, to get the most out of your white wine choosing a proper white wine glass is very important. The right wine glass will enhance the unique characteristics of white wine. Getting one of the best white wine glasses is worth it.

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