Wine Enthusiast Pulltaps Professional Waiters Corkscrew

Wine Enthusiast Pulltaps Professional Waiters Corkscrew is a waiter’s friend, and one which bears the words “enthusiast” and “professional” in it, you can’t go wrong with these type of wine openers, no matter how poorly made they may be they can never have any serious problems that will cause them to fail.

Wine Enthusiast Pulltaps Professional Waiters Corkscrew

The small compact design of this wine opener reminds me a lot of a La’guiole type of opener, this fits into your pockets easily without worrying about any unsightly protrusion. The grip is just right, it has a steady feel when I handle it, it does not wobble or rattle from the joints, this is ideal as you won’t need to worry about how durable this knife is.

The worm is coated in Teflon, and the flat black color makes it look very durable, and it’s not just the looks, this worm works well and last as long as those on knives four times its price. The coating of Teflon allows for smooth insertion and friction resistant surface, in short the worm won’t heat up even after opening hundreds of bottles in a short amount of time.

The foil cutter is jagged and serrated, giving it amazing grip while cutting, although it may cause some uneven cutting and tearing, this blade is perfect for getting foil off the bottles, but if it dulls it would be difficult to sharpen.

The brace has the usual 2 step which allows for drawing of all type of corks from any length and size of bottle neck; on one end of the brace you can find an ever available bottle opener. I have never had any trouble with braces on other models, but this one seems to work fairly better than others for some reason, the angles may have played a part.

After months of putting the Wine Enthusiast Pulltaps Professional Waiters Corkscrew to good use I can hardly find any sort of defect it has, aside from being a regular sommelier knife, for me it is very easy and entirely ideal to open wine bottles using this, but for some they may prefer rabbits and automated openers as using a regular corkscrew and brace lever prove to be quite a task for them, over all it’s a great buy, perfect size and excellent quality.

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